According to AFL-CIA bully-in-chief, Richard Trumka President Barack Obama has a “white guy” problem. So he intends to “fix it” he is going to take the hard earned union dues of working class white guys and use it to tell them why they should vote for Obama.

In actuality the socialist violent thug who heads the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka is fighting for HIS job as much as the President. He needs another Obama win to for the continuance of the administration’s policy of favoring the unions at any cost.

The AFL-CIO is going to take the dues of the rank-and-file to mount labor’s largest voter outreach effort ever while keeping up the anti-business attacks on Romney.

“We’re absolutely going to do good work on the ground, mobilizing workers. We will have 400,000 volunteers this cycle,” Trumka, a former coal miner who is president of the 12-million-member AFL-CIO, the largest U.S. labor federation, told Reuters.

“We’ll be involved in 32 battleground states, up and down the ballot from Barack Obama, the House races, the Senate races, the state house and senate races,” he said.

The union’s main focus will be six states – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida – where polls show the presidential race is close. In the 2008 election, more than 250,000 union volunteers took to the streets.

The focus of the effort will be the union’s large block of white working class men.

Trumka said constant ads and speeches by Obama’s campaign targeting former executive Romney’s business record and refusal to release more than two years of tax returns should win over more working-class men.

“A lot of arguments are going to resonate with our members,” Trumka said in an interview during a trip to Las Vegas to speak at union conventions. “Outsourcing because they know that he was the leader, his firms were the leader, in outsourcing. That will have a big, big jog.”

And he said blue-collar workers, who are fighting for their jobs and benefits in a difficult economy, will be outraged over Romney’s refusal to release more tax returns.

The AFL-CIO does not break down its membership by race, but the majority of its members are white and more men belong to unions than women.


“There’s no reason that there should be a white male, or a white, voter gap,” said Trumka, who called the auto rescue “a magnificent thing.”

A Washington Post survey last month showed Romney ahead by 65-28 percent among male voters who had not attended college, while a Quinnipiac University poll had him leading with 56 percent and the Democrat with 29 percent of that group, down from 32 percent earlier this year.

That compares to the 39 percent that Obama won in 2008. High unemployment now harms Obama with whites in Rust Belt states, but even in his historic election victory four years ago non-college-educated white men were Obama’s weakest demographic.

He is not alone among Democrats in struggling with what used to be some of the party’s core voters. But with white male voters’ share of the electorate dropping, Obama can still win the election if his numbers rise in that group even by a relatively small amount.

“Obama doesn’t need to carry the white working class vote, but he doesn’t want to lose it overwhelmingly,” said Herb Asher, a political scientist at Ohio State University. “If you have a close election, and it makes a small difference, that’s the difference between defeat and victory.”.

 There are a few problem’s with Trumka’s strategy.

One is that he can’t send union goons to beat up or shoot all the white guys in the AFL-CIO. Additionally his message is off.  He plans to use the same “outsourcing,  overseas bank account, corporate vampire” message that hasn’t worked despite the reelection campaign investing big dollars putting that in front of the American people.

But the biggest problem with Trumka’s strategy is Barack Obama doesn’t have a working class white guy problem.  According to the last week of Rasmussen poling Obama is trailing Romney with:

  • All white guys by 10%
  • Seniors  (65+) by 23%
  • Adults 40-64 by 16%
  • Independents by 9%
  • People Making Over $100K/Yr by 7%
  • People Making Between $60-$75K/Yr by 22%
  • Non-Union members by 7%
  • People not part of the political class by 20%

Most of the rest of the demographic groups are split nearly down the middle, with the exception of African-Americans (Obama by 81%) and Other (Obama by 19%) which are pretty close to the traditional Democrat/Republican voting splits.

You see, Trumpka’s program wont work because its not that Obama has a blue-collar white guy problem he as an almost everyone who is eligible to vote problem.