Another Arab Knesset Member has been arrested on suspicion of spying for Hezbollah.

The arrest follows a slew of other arrests and convictions the past few years of Israeli-Arab activists and politicians accused of aiding terror groups or enemy countries during a time of war. It also follows a WND exclusive report quoting a terror leader stating Hezbollah has “tens” of spies, mostly Israeli Arabs, operating within the Jewish state.

It was cleared for publication yesterday that Niad Malhem, a member of the Knesset’s Arab Balad party, was arrested Sunday on suspicion he committed serious security-related offences. Due to a gag order on the case, Israeli reporters were not briefed about the specifics of the accusations.

Sources familiar with the case told WND that, among other offenses, Malhem was accused of spying for Hezbollah during Israel’s war against the terror group in July and August of 2006. The war was sparked when Hezbollah raided the Israeli border and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Hezbollah proceeded to fire over 3,000 rockets into the Jewish state, killing 43 Israeli civilians.

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Malhem also traveled in October to Syria, considered an enemy country of Israel. The politician went along with another Balad Arab Knesset member, who was questioned about the duo’s visit last weekend. Source Another Israeli-Arab leader accused of aiding terrorism By Aaron Klein

This is a horrible act because it further divides Israel’s Arab and Jewish population. It is also awful because the SOB is accused of giving coordinates for the Hezbollah missiles causing death and injury.

On the other hand It does point out the differences between Israel and its surrounding neighbors. This is a report that you wont see coming out of that bastion of freedom, the “moderate” Arab state of Saudi Arabia or any of the “moderate” Arab states. Suppose that Saudi Arabia was a democracy, work with me here, then supposed they allowed practicing Jews in the country, I know they have a law against it—just use your imagination, then suppose one of those Jews who aren’t really allowed in the country, was elected to the parliament that doesn’t exist and was a spy–there would be no trial–you MIGHT find out about it AFTER the execution.