By Jeff Davidson

Christianity, white males, male sports, conservative women, conservative Black people, and conservative Supreme Court justices, among others are considered prime territory for late-night talk show hosts. Meanwhile, it is taboo to joke about Islam, Native Americans, liberal women, most minorities, and the trials and tribulations of many Leftist politicians. How odd the way humor in our society is unfolding.

Consider the long-run theatrical play, “The Book of Mormon.” It is an award-winning musical comedy. With a first performance in 2011, the production irreverently portrays and lampoons the practices and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, formerly known as Mormons.

The Smash Hit Comedy: “The Quran!”

Imagine that playwrights and lyricists Trey Parker, Matt Stone – creators of South Park – Robert Lopez, and Kristen Anderson-Lopez chose instead to create a theatrical production called “The Quran.” First, would they have the guts to do so? Would anyone find it entertaining? Would awards be handed to them? Would the New York Times offer lavish praise?

Most tellingly, might the creators fear for their lives?

As with the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad is untouchable. Never mind that he married a seven-year-old and that the number of people he slaughtered is countless. Never mind that his visions, which he deemed to be direct messages from God, were likely epileptic fits. Muhammad cannot be touched. There is no possibility for humor and no comedian who can offer any mirth related to Muhammad and still have a job.

In what kind of society do we dwell when there are safe targets to offend and others that are held as untouchable?

I have no connection or affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I am offended that overly-woke Broadway, Hollywood, and vast segments of the entertainment industry can proceed with such impunity.

As one commenter to a gushy New York Times article, lauding the 4,000 performances, wrote (and here I paraphrase):

“I have little problem poking fun at our own culture. However, I draw the line when a play makes light of famine, warlords, genital mutilation, and AIDS…. I don’t understand why an industry which professes to be diverse, welcoming, and a safe space, and in the last couple years has wrung its hands over the ‘misogyny’ in ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Carousel,’ gives ‘The Book of Mormon’ a free pass.”

A free pass for the play, but what about for the religion itself?

Arrogance Abounds

The sheer arrogance of those who routinely approve of targets “safe” for comical attack is a marvel to behold. A comedian in front of an audience can make jokes all evening long about himself, white males, traditional values, Christianity, and anything of which the Left approves.

Should that comedian cross the line, even for 30 seconds, and make the “wrong” joke about some “privileged” minority in America, such as Black people, women, Middle Eastern people, and, in some cases, Asian people, that comedian might be booed off the stage.

Comedy today is stilted within the narrow confines that have been dictated by Antifa-like groups or Black Lives Matter. It was okay, and still is, to make thousands of jokes about Donald Trump’s appearance, his hair, his weight, anytime he misspoke, etc., but say the wrong thing about Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, both of whom offer plenty of humorous cannon fodder, and a comedian might fall flat.

No less than Jerry Seinfeld won’t perform on college campuses anymore. Why? Because the local Leftist gatekeepers, with their ultra-partisan edicts related to comedy, have dampened the atmosphere so that nothing is or can be funny. How sad.

When Fair Game Reigned

Today’s youth scarcely know that once upon a time, everyone along the political and social spectrum was fair game. Bob Hope, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Phyllis Diller, Nipsey Russell, Joan Rivers, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, and many others spread mirth in all directions without fear of repercussions.

Today, no such artistic license is granted. One either conforms to the severe and rigid leftist norms or finds another profession. The late-night TV hosts all capitulate to the Left all the time, except for ratings champion Greg Gutfeld on Fox.

Maybe ABC, NBC, and CBS should take a hint.



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