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There’s no category called posts on for the People’s Choice Awards (but there should be shouldn’t there be one?). Since they don’t do it–I will. Below are the Readers’ Choices for the best posts of 2020. Below are the readers’ favorites based on total page views, not the full posts, just the headline (hot-linked to the post), a tease, the link, and the featured image.

Number 10: 1990 Bloomberg L.P. Employees Created A Book Of His Offensive Quotes (Embedded)(First Posted Feb. 16, 2020)

On February 14th, 1990, for Michael Bloomberg’s 48th birthday, staffers at Bloomberg L.P celebrated their boss’ most famous offensive quips and anecdotes by creating a pamphlet and presenting him with a leather-bound copy. Some of the quotes are anti-female, anti-faith, and someone who looks down upon people who aren’t like him.


Number 9: Joe Scarborough Lies About Trump, Then Whines When His Lies Are Attacked (First Posted April 1, 2020)

Joe Scarborough’s lie of the day for Wednesday was that, unlike Trump, “Everybody saw this [Covid-19] coming in early January.” It can’t be everybody because Scarborough didn’t see it coming. And when it was pointed out that he wasn’t truthful, Morning Joe whined about being attacked.


Number 8: Biden’s Dementia On Display During CNN Interview (First Posted April 18, 2020)

The former SCHMOTUS (Schmo of The United States), V.P. Joe Biden, has always been a gaffe meister, but it’s been different lately. He seems to get angry more often, and more than gaffes, there are times he speaks gibberish and forgets facts that are ingrained in the memories of everyone who lived through it. Recently on CNN, Biden’s Dementia was on display– Joe Biden can’t even seem to remember that the terror attack took place in 2001.


Number 7: Want Proof Voter Fraud Really Exists? Here’s Plenty Of Evidence (First Posted July 30,  2020)

This was posted months before the election: One of the most sacred rights and responsibilities of American citizenship is voting. We are supposedly guaranteed one man-one vote, that every person’s vote is worth as much as every other person’s vote. If there is voter fraud, it reduces the impact of legitimately cast ballots.  Sorry liberals, while unicorns, monsters under your bed, and hair comb-overs that look good do not exist, voter fraud exists. Also true is that the same liberals who kept telling anyone who would listen that Russia rigged our elections and the Trump team helped them rig it are now swearing to us that our elections are tamper-proof and mail-in ballots cannot possibly be vulnerable to fraud.



Number 6: Ex-Aide Slams Gov. Cuomo As Snarling Attack Dog Who’s Milking Pandemic (First Posted Nov. 27,  2020)

Alexis Grenell, who was Andrew Cuomo’s deputy director of intergovernmental affairs when he was state attorney general, wrote an op-ed in the very liberal magazine, The Nation. ripping the New York governor into shreds.  Using the nickname for Cuomo fans, the article called “The Collapse of the Cuomosexual” accuses Cuomo of milking the Covid pandemic. Or as she put it, “St. Andrew of Covid, our savior of the spring, is now milking his 15 minutes of fame for an extra 30.” Along with his quest for attention, Ms. Grenell believes that the Angry Andy of pre-pandemic days has returned.



Number 5: Trump Did NOT Say We Should Inject Ourselves With Disinfectant, He Said The Opposite (First Posted April 24, 2020)

Holy Cow!  Talk about Trump derangement syndrome. During Thursday’s CoronaVirus task force press conference, Bill Bryan, who leads the Science and Technology group at the Department of Homeland Security, talked about the findings of a scientific study they conducted indicating that the virus is killed by solar light and disinfectants. The President asked if there were ways for that information to be used to help humans, and many in the media went crazy, saying Trump suggested we inject ourselves with disinfectant. Actually, the President did not say we should inject ourselves with disinfectant. He said the exact opposite.


Number 4: LAZY HOUSE! Nancy Pelosi Creates Tiny 101-Day Working Schedule for Next Congress (First Posted Dec. 8, 2020)

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn nearly $200,000 for only 101 days of work? Well, that is what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has planned for Congress next year, and the Republicans are disgusted. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) called Pelosi’s plan the “laziest Congress is modern history.” “House Democrats have scheduled 101 days of work for next year — a 25% reduction. Let me say it again: 101 working days for the whole year. Laziest Congress in modern history,” McCarthy tweeted over the weekend.

Number 3: WAR ZONE: Antifa Takes Over Six City Blocks in Seattle, Say They’re Seceding From U.S. (First Posted June 10, 2020)

This seems like something out of a cheesy movie, but it’s not a movie, Don’t look for the MSM to cover this because to them, Antifa doesn’t exist. Seattle Antifa has taken over six square blocks of the city. No-one, not reporters or city officials, is being allowed inside what the domestic terrorists are calling the “Capitol Hill Free Zone.” Perhaps that’s why there are no MSM reports about this Antifa takeover. Either that or the fact that many of them refuse to believe Antifa exists.



Number 2: Cringe: Pandering Kamala Harris Makes Dubious Claim She Celebrated Kwanzaa as a Kid (First Posted Dec 28, 2020)

Over the weekend, Sen. Kamala Harris posted a cringy, pandering video making the dubious claim that she celebrated Kwanzaa as a kid growing up in California. It is not likely that this is true. Date-wise, it is an outside possibility–granted. Kwanzaa was invented by a criminal madman two years after Harris was born. But she claims she celebrated it during her entire childhood. Truth be told, you can mark Harris’ claim to have celebrated Kwanzaa as a child as a flat-out lie.


And Readers’ Favorite Post–The People’s Choice for the best post of the year is:

Pelosi Knew About COVID-19 During Impeachment Trial- Why Didn’t She Act? (First Posted April 3, 2020)

According to Nancy Pelosi, impeachment didn’t slow down the CoronaVirus response because everybody knew about the problem. She claims that people in the government didn’t act because they either ignored their jobs or were incompetent. During the Senate trial of President Trump, the President began fighting the spread of the virus. Senators were forced to act as the jury for the trial and couldn’t work on anything else, and Pelosi did nothing.  So which one was it, madam speaker? Did you ignore the issue, or are you incompetent?