These are fifty posts readers of The Lid thought were most important in 2011 (based on traffic).  Yesterday we posted #41-50, today we reveal numbers 31-40 and will continue to count down (backwards) another ten every day from now through Friday

40. Barack Obama’s Oil Lease LIES!  How do you know which parts of Obama’s energy speech last march were either lies or misleading?  Only the parts where his mouth was moving. This morning President Obama once again tried to pull the energy policy wool over America’s eyes.Once again he wants to present “incentives” for the energy industry to drill on existing leases.  You see, his feeling about the oil executives is the same as his feeling about the American people, they are complete and total idiots,paying for leases but not bothering to take the product out of the ground so they can make money.  All of those stupid executives (according to the POTUS) run their companies by paying fees instead of collecting revenue.  getting the product out of the ground so they can make money.  This is nothing but Presidential subterfuge. Full Post Here

39.SLAM!! Bibi Diplomatically “Slaps” Obama During White House Press Op It was a stunning tableau, a President of the United States sitting back and glaring while the Prime Minister of Israel pushed back against the words made by the POTUS yesterday.  Both parties made their presentations in friendly diplomatic words, but Netanyahu gave the President a “friendly” dressing down, his words were instructive and firm. You could tell by the body language that Bibi was letting the President know that he was not going to give in, and Obama was very angry. Once introduced by the President, Netanyahu  took the meeting over. He reminded the President that Israel too, desperately wants peace and he personally wants peace, but any negotiated peace has to be one that endures. “We both believe that a peace based on allusions will crash on the rocks of Middle East Reality….The only peace that will endure is ones that are based on reality…unshakable facts.” Full Post Here.

38.Sick Video and Written Rantings of Jared Loughner The Nut Who Shot Rep Giffords Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head Saturday and at least 19 others were wounded when an assailant opened fire in an area where the lawmaker was meeting with constituents. The Shooter’s name was Jared Lee Loughner. The Left Raced To say the shooting was the fault of Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, the Right countered that the evidence shows he was an ultra liberal. As you read the post below you will understand that he was neither Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal, the guy was a die hard member of the Psycho Party. Jared Lee Loughner’s unspeakable act was not motivated by politics, it was the act of a very sick mind. Full post here.

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37.The Crown Heights Riot, 20 Years Ago This Week, The True Story That’s Never Told

Twenty years ago this Friday a tragic car accident in Crown Heights Brooklyn escalated into a pogrom against the Jewish people.  The media gives it a politically correct description, violence between the area’s Blacks and Jews. However the violence was not two-sided. The Crown Heights riot was an attack on the Jews by the neighborhood’s Caribbean community, fueled in part by Al Sharpton, now an MSNBC host and adviser to President Obama. Full Post Here

36.Occupy Denver Fails in Attempt to Invade BlogCon I am not sure if it was the first of two waves or the Occupy protesters do not know how to tell time, at 2pm, three hours early, the folks at occupy Denver came into the hotel lobby and started screaming. Funny thing is there were maybe 20 of them and 300 conservative bloggers. They don’t be very smart in the way they pick sites. They tried to shout us down, 300 bloggers with cameras and knowledge—it didn’t work very well. Full post here 

35.Occupy Wall Street vs The Tea Party For Idiots (Or the MSM, But I Repeat Myself) Two weeks ago, I responded to the Mainstream Media’s labeling of the Occupy Wall Street protests the Left-Wing version of the Tea Party. Apparently the reasons given to prove that comparison false were too vague for the media to understand because they continue to  make that comparison.  So to be helpful to the people in the “fourth estate,” I have created sort of a “difference between the Occupy Wall Street Protests, and the Tea Party Movement’ for idiots and the Mainstream Media ( I guess that is redundant). Full post here

34. Almost a Decade Ago WFAN’s Mike Francesa and Chris Russo Blamed 9/11 on The Jews  Like most Americans who suffered through those horrible days, the sounds, tastes and pictures of the horrible attack on America are embedded in my memory. On 9/12 most Americans, stood united against the hatred of al Qaeda. But here in New York, two sportscasters on WFAN chose not to stand united against hatred; they chose to create even more hatred.They launched a fact deprived commentary blaming both Israel and American Jews for the attack on America the day before. Even worse Russo said (Francesca agreed) that American Jews needed to prove their loyalty as Americans; choose between Israel, which Mike called “a failed experiment,” and the U.S.” The two bigots thought Jews in America should take a loyalty oath to the country to prove that they were loyal to the US and not Israel. Full Post Here

33. 4 out of 5 Groups Whose Quotes Used By Soros Group to Attack Glenn Beck, Repudiate Anti-Beck Effort Three of the four groups used to corroborate the false charges against Glenn Beck raised by Jewish Funds For Justice have repudiated the letter arraigned by the George Soros proxy. All three weren’t contacted prior to the use of their names, disagreed with the thrust of the letter and were not happy that they were included. A fourth came out and said the letter was too one sided. Not surprisingly the only group/person not raising some objection to the letter has an association with George Soros. Full post here.

32. PELOSI GOES MAD! Blames Bush For Dems Losing House Maybe all those injections into her lips, or the pressure of being Speaker of the House but allow me to suggest that it is time to call those nice men to with the special jackets. You know the ones with the long sleeves that tie in the back? Nancy Pelosi has gone wacko. We’re not talking about a little crazy, she has gone stark, raving, foaming from the mouth MAD. Just look at the video below, where Nancy Pelosi blames George Bush for the Democratic Party losses in this most recent mid term election Full Post Here

31. Rick Santelli “Bitch Slaps” CNBC Guest Meredith Whitney
Guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Meredith Whitney thought she was on safe ground when she opined that Tea Party members were”freaked out white men who are unemployed,” then followed up with blaming the grass roots movement for the problems in Washington DC. Whitney should have should have looked at the schedule before she spoke, because Rick Santelli was on next. As you would expect after he was done with his Chicago exchange report Santelli, who helped start the tea party movement with an epic rant, lit into Ms Whitney giving her a classic, well-deserved verbal “bitch slap” even getting a bit personal. Full Post Here.

Tune in tomorrow for 21-30.

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