Tom Arnold’s lunacy goes beyond any brain damage that his marriage to Rosanne Barr might have done (actually that marriage makes me more concerned for Rosanne’s sanity). His latest abuse of the Twitter platform was a racist, sexually charged attack on the conservative podcasters Diamond and Silk. The duo responded to tweets by Tom Arnold and the rose pedal toilet diva Barbara Steisand suggesting a desire for bodily harm of President Trump. Tom Arnold Twitter

Arnold’s reply was disgusting.  “I’d like to investigate every crack curve & crevice of you two tons of fun’s heavenly bodies,” Arnold tweeted. “I’ll start with intensive oral examination of your naughty bits. So take off all yo clothes & get your big booties butts back into Big Daddy’s hot tub. Don’t bring Streisand. Too freaky.”

As one would expect, twitter attacked the failed comedian,

Okay, maybe he isn’t crazy…just stoned.

Or maybe he is crazy:

This would be nice, but @Jack wouldn’t allow Twitter to punish a liberal.

And this isn’t the first time Arnold has done it.

The comedy never-been responded to Diamond and Silk’s objections with more racism.

IMHO, Arnold is not crazy nor is his stupidity a product of drugs. The man is a serial racist and a misogynist and should be forever banned from social media.

Tom Arnold Twitter

Tom Arnold Twitter