A major slice of Hollywood celebrities are brain dead leftists who not only drink the Kool-Aid but gulp that stuff down greedily at every opportunity. Which in their line of work is a lot. But this one is at the low end of the low end. Tom Arnold is a failed actor/comedian whose lunacy goes beyond any brain damage that his marriage to Rosanne Barr might have done (actually that marriage makes me more concerned for Rosanne’s sanity).  No one is more offensive in over the line anti-Trump garbage than Arnold, whose latest disgusting act was posting Hope Hicks’ cell phone number after she tested positive for COVID-19. Tom Arnold doxes Hope Hicks 

Per Fox News:

Hicks, a counselor to President Trump, tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, according to an administration official, and she had traveled with the president a number of times within the last few days.

In a since-deleted tweet, Arnold offered fans an opportunity to speak with Hicks directly.

“Silent thoughts & prayers aren’t enough for national treasure Hope Hicks,” the 61-year-old actor wrote. “She needs to hear them.”

Arnold has been very outspoken concerning his hatred for President Trump ever since the billionaire won the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton.

Look, you can totally dislike Trump. You can disagree with every policy position and oppose every argument in favor of them made by the administration. But to dox one of his aides, and post someone’s private information without permission, knowing they’ll be harassed is unacceptable behavior. Period. And the woman has COVID-19 for Pete’s sale.  That doesn’t make him a scum-bag, it makes him a heartless scum-bag.

Arnold should be booted from Twitter for this, but we all know that won’t happen. He’s not a conservative.

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Tom Arnold doxes Hope Hicks 

Tom Arnold doxes Hope Hicks