Like most political junkies, I have spent most of this week closely following the debt ceiling debate. With the help with some contacts on the hill I gained a good insight into what happened and why it happened.  Despite all the knowledge gained there are still so many questions remaining. Here are just a few, and if anyone has the answers please contact me via email or as a comment and let me know.

  • Why is the GOP accused of not wanting to negotiate because it insists on no taxes in the debt ceiling plan, but the President is given a free pass for holding on to his demand that there should be taxes?
  • Why all the hatred against the Tea Party?  Bill O’ Reilly, when you are done filming the gig on Rizzoli & Isles please answer this question, why are you busting the chops of tea party supported members of congress for keeping their campaign promises?  I always thought that keeping campaign promises was a good thing.
  •  Why are the TV talking heads, the POTUS, and the Democratic politicians claiming that we will default should there be no deal by August 2? That is a lie. The US will still be paying its interest after that date, therefore there will be no default.
  • If this is such a serious issue (and it is) why isn’t anyone complaining that the President is planning to spend August 3rd in Illinois  raising cash for his re-election campaign?
      • Why do the Democrats get away with saying that the House was wasting is time passing the Boehner plan because it wouldn’t pass in the Senate, but no one says the Senate is wasting its time passing the Reid plan which will never pass the house?
      • Why is the President allowed to make a speech about bi-partisanship this morning, then go back home and urge his twitter followers to spam the GOP members of congress? 
      • To my friends in the tea party, why the circular firing squad? There is nothing wrong with urging congressional Republicans to stand their ground, but calling for the ouster of John Boehner the other day was probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Well until today when one tea party group Tea Party Founding Fathers said they are going to challenge Allen West.  Allen West?  What are you guys freaking crazy?  He is the essence of an honorable public servant, and may one day be President of the United States. Lets all have some decaff and realize we are all on the same side and we are all working to get the same result.

      I will continue to think about these questions, please think about it also.

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