This Monday (4/18) The Lid Radio Show will have two great guests; Radio show host  Gene Berardelli, and Columnist/ Radio show host Bethany Blankley. So be sure to tune in by clicking on these SHR Media network or High Plains Talk Radio links.

At 2pm we are going to talk about the GOP race and tomorrow’s New York primary, with our guest Gene Berardelli, radio host, attorney, and fellow sarcastic New Yorker. Gene is the founder and co-host of Behind Enemy Lines  a national Award-Winning radio show / podcast broadcasting live out of the belly of the Democratic beast – “The People’s Republic of” New York City that airs on WNJC 136BEL GENE PROFILE0 AM – Philadelphia’s Renaissance Station as part of the Conservative Commandos Radio Network!  The show is also available on multiple networks across the internet, with more being added regularly.

Gene was born and raised in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Manhattan College with a B.A.  in Government and International Studies and his Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac University School of Law – at age 23, He is currently a successful practicing civil litigator with a seven figure settlement to his name.

A sought-after speaker on Election Law and politics, Gene served on the Kings County (NY) Republican Executive Committee (2007 – 2015) as Chairman of the Law Committee (2011 – 2015), where he worked with Republican attorneys to help grow the Party in the “People’s Republic of New York City” as part of a leadership team that pulled off near-impossible wins for seats in state and congressional elections. Gene also successfully tried the closest re-count in NY State Senate history! For his work with the Republican Party, Gene was honored as Brooklyn Young Republican of the Year in 2012, was Brooklyn GOP Counselor of the Year in 2014.


Gene can be found on twitter @gberardelli and Behind Enemy Lines at or the show’s twitter @BEL_Radio

Our 2:30 guest will be my Liberty Alliance colleague, Bethany Blankley . Bethany is senior editor for Constitution. com. She hosts the radio program, America’s Betrayal, syndicated on several radio c369c587d8929e34ac2d8058a6fd0096networks including Conservative Report Radio and WAAR Radio. She is a political analyst for Fox News Radio and offers conservative commentary on various television news programs. Her columns have been regularly featured by The Washington Times (Axis Mundi), Patheos (Hedgerow), Christian Headlines,Western Journalism, Townhall, The Christian Post, Charisma News, RedState and others.

Bethany previously worked as a communications strategist for four Senators, one Congressman, a New York governor, and several non-profits. She earned her MA in Theology from New College at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland and her BA in Political Science from the University of Maryland. She is a past fellow of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal and L’Abri Fellowship.

You can follow Bethany on twitter @bethanyblankley  and on Facebook


Bethany and I will start our conversation with a discussion of the ISIS infiltration into America.

Today’s show at 2PM EDT on Monday is going to GREAT, so make sure to listen clicking on the SHR Media network link.  And while I’m interviewing Gene and Bethany, come into the chat room and ask questions or comment.

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