Nine Months ago today John Murtha was confronted near a Senate elevator by Jason Mattera and asked when he was going to apologize to the American Heroes whose lives he damaged with his slanderous charges regarding the Marines in Haditha (see video above). His reply was a cold they haven’t been acquitted yet. Well, John so far, with one defendant to go, every single charge as been repudiated. How do you like your CROW prepared?

Its more than Crow that Murtha should eat, he should be eating Prison food for two years. His denouncement of American Heroes as Haditha as murderers “in cold blood” took away their lives for two plus years. Murtha didn’t make his statement out of naiveté, he was a Marine, he know the score. No, Murtha slandered fellow Marines out of cold, hard political calculation. Despite knowing that they were innocent (they were already cleared in an investigation) Murtha got up on National TV an pronounced for all the world that these Marines massacred innocent Iraqi civilians.

Along with damaging the lives of the Marines he slandered, Haditha was used as a propaganda tool for the enemy. Just as the Palestinians used the al Dura hoax, the terrorists in Iraq used Haditha to recruit and motivate its fighters. It is impossible to know how many American deaths Murtha caused with his callousness.

Unfortunately, there is no law under which we can send John Murtha to Jail. It is also impossible for the Marines to call him up for active duty just so they can court martial him and set him before a firing squad as a traitor (I checked).

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There is Only one option we have as Americans, and that is to do everything humanly possible to make sure that Americas #1 Pork Barrel spender is sent back to his “pig-sty.” I do not live in Murtha’s district and I imagine very few of the people who read this live there either, we cannot vote for his opponent, William Russell but we can send him money to enable him to get the message out.

From what I have read about Russell, unlike Murtha, he is an honorable man and a patriot, but he is fighting an incumbent who has dealt out a massive amount of pork over the years. If you truly want to “get back” at John Murtha traitor to his country please go to Bill Russell’s site and make a donation to his campaign.