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Polls continue to that Spineless Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is continuing to lose support, and is dragging his party, Kadima to an early death. Kadima was formed just before the last election by Ariel Sharon. His intention was to form a central pragmatist party. But Olmert took over after Sharon’s since his stroke last year, Kadima’s leadership has been indecisive and lacking any resolve. To make matters worse Olmert has no control over his cabinet. minsters are making public policy decelerations regarding other ministers portfolios. No wonder why polls are indicating that if Kadima make it to a second national election….that may be its last

Haaretz poll: Support for Kadima plummets under PM’s leadership By Yossi Verter, Haaretz Correspondent Kadima under the leadership of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is sinking in the polls, losing nearly two-thirds of its strength. According to a Haaretz-Dialog poll earlier this week, were elections held today, Kadima would win 12 seats in the Knesset and Likud would take its place with 29 seats. According to the poll, only 20 percent of those who voted for Kadima in the previous election would do so today, while two-thirds of those supporting Likud in the 2006 election would do so again. In a question about who would be more appropriate for the role of Defense Minister, in view of Ehud Barak’s announcement that he is running for the leadership of Labor in May, those polled chose Ami Ayalon. The poll shows that Olmert and Peretz continue to lose ground, with the Prime Minister enjoying a 14 percent approval rating (a 6 percent drop since the last poll), while the Defense Minister dropped to 10 percent (losing four points).Go here for the full story

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Is it me or doesn’t the word “enjoying” seem a little disingenuous? Do you think Olmert is running around with a party hat going…”Weeee only 10% of the people like the job I am doing” Olmert’s weak standing is very concerning to the US State Department, they fear that the Israeli PM’s public support is much to weak for him to be able to negotiate with the Palestinans. In fact they now put him in a “class” with Abbas.

JPOST: On Thursday, diplomatic sources said that the US administration was concerned by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s weak public standing and unsure of what or how much he can deliver, on the eve of Rice’s journey. According to the sources, Olmert’s political woes have undermined his stature in the eyes of the administration, and although he is liked personally in Washington he is not deemed a leader with the political capital able to deliver – an assessment similar to the one Washington has of Abbas. For this reason, according to diplomatic sources in Jerusalem, it was unlikely that Rice would be carrying any dramatic initiative with her on her current visit. Instead, her trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority has been described as a “fact-finding” mission designed to determine what can realistically be expected, considering the complicated domestic situations facing both Abbas and Olmert.Read the entire article here

The latest on Pres. Peanut:Nothing much new here. Although there is still plenty of time before Shabbos to do another Carter article if something comes down the wires. Last night my friends Yael from Boker Tov Boulder, and Carl from Israel Matzav both ran new Carter pieces that had great new perspective. I recommend that you check them out. But I couldn’t resist posting this cartoon from NY Daily It is both a tribute to former Pres. Ford and a dig at his successor

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