I admire Peter King—he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass who he angers, he is going to suggest what’s right whether you like it or not. His latest fire storm arose when he suggested its time for the US government to more closely monitor Mosques in the US.

Even France the bastion of liberalism has a program in place where they monitor all of the all 1,700 mosques and Muslim places of worship for terrorism, anti-Semitism and al-Qaeda connections. Supporters of this program see it as a key reason why there has not been a terrorist attack on French territory in eleven years (well that and the fact that former Pres. Chirac government has taken every opportunity possible to kiss the terrorists’ hind quarters) SeeFrance Monitors Mosques for Terrorist Connections -Why Can’t We? for more on Frances program.Congressman King’s suggestion Brought screams of profiling, invading privacy, separation of church and state (fixing bingo?). Enough already !!!! I have said it before an will say it again. Sorry CAIR, we are fighting a war against Islamic Terrorists–and groups like CAIR that would fund them. All Muslims are not terrorists, I agree completely, but there is a pattern that almost all of the terrorists I have read about lately face Mecca 5x a day an pray. The minute we have two or three gray-haired old ladies fly planes into a building then we can infiltrate bingo halls.

You know if it makes people feel better. Lets infiltrate all houses of worship. It would be nice for America’s Spies to find a little religion. Let them come to my synagogue and hear for the the same “today I am a man” speech given by a Bar Mitzvah boy 52 times a year. Let them sleep through the Synagogue President’s Kol Nidre donation appeal. I will warn you though, at congregational meetings you can hear threats of violence but it is just words. My Shul is open to anyone..would American Mosques make the same claim? Come on guys..join us you can even have a little L’Chaim schnapps with Norm and me at the oneg.

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Message to PC police: We have a responsibility to monitor U.S. Mosques By Douglas MacKinnon Monday, September 24, 2007 New York Republican Congressman Peter King has become the latest target of those who value political correctness and pandering over the national security of our nation. For recently speaking his mind and worrying about the influence radical Islam has in this nation, Congressman King is being predictably attacked by the left-leaning media, by the Democratic National Committee, and certain Muslim organizations. What exactly did Congressman King say to incite the anger and rage now being directed at him? Only things that seem to be of concern to a great many Americans. Among his statements, Congressman King said, “There are too many people sympathetic to radical Islam…We should be looking at them more carefully and finding out how we can infiltrate them…I think there has been a lack of full cooperation from too many people in the Muslim community…too many Mosques in this country do not cooperate with law enforcement…85 percent of Mosques in this country are controlled by extremist leadership.” Did the Congressman say anything that is not true? Is what he said not verified by a recent Pew Center survey, by the U.S. government, and by a number of news accounts of homegrown Muslims being taken into custody for plotting against our nation. Do facts no longer matter when it comes to protecting the United States from within? According to that recent Pew Center survey, a quarter of younger Muslim-Americans support suicide bombings in some circumstances. That’s right. They support suicide bombings. 25% of Muslim-Americans refused to give an answer when asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable view of Al-Qaeda. 5% of Muslim-Americans said they had a favorable view of the group that attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and tried to attack the White House or Capitol building. If we accept the Pew Center’s estimate that there are 2.35 million Muslims in the United States, then 5% of that number would be 117,500 Muslim-Americans who have a favorable view of Al-Qaeda. A number that should not only send chills down our spines, but cries out for eternal vigilance. What about the American Mosques themselves? According to various reports, at least 80% of U.S. Mosques follow or are influenced by the Wahhabi sect of Saudi Arabia. Among other things, this sect believes it is a “religious obligation” to hate Christians and Jews and to think of the United States as “enemy territory.” In 2006, Bernard Lewis, one of the world’s leading scholars on Islam, called Wahhabism, “The most radical, the most violent, the most extreme and fanatical version of Islam.” Why do those on the left in our country not want us to speak of this? Why do so many Democrats not want us to question the motives of those from within who look favorably upon Al-Qaeda? Surely it’s not for crass political reasons or to pander for votes. According to this same Pew Center survey, the vast majority of Muslim-Americans consider themselves Democrats. In 2004, 71% voted for John Kerry for President. Why? Why would Muslims align themselves with the Democrats when socially, they are some of the most conservative people on the planet? Could it be that in the Democrats, they see a party that is less willing to ask the hard questions of them, while in the Republicans, they see a party more concerned with national security and therefore, much more interested in following unbiased evidence — no matter where it leads. What of the “moderate” Muslim-Americans we hear so much about? Clearly there are some in this country. I know some. That said, why don’t we really hear them speak out against Al-Qaeda, the killings of innocents, and the violent teachings of the Wahhabi sect? Oh sure, from time to time, we see 50 people here, or 100 people there. But with 2.35 million Muslim-Americans, shouldn’t we see at least tens of thousands marching in the streets in support of our nation and against those who would kill in the name of Islam? Congressman Peter King raised an issue that desperately needs to be addressed. For that, he is being vilified by the left. As they continue to protest imagined slights and further distract us from the truth, those who mean us harm, bide their time, make their plans and wait for their moment. Political correctness may well cause the deaths of thousands of Americans. What excuses or apologies will the left offer then?