CBS released it’s latest opinion polls and it reflects that President Obama’s approval as fallen to 37% the lowest in his presidency. His disapproval rose to 57% the highest since he became president (the full results are embedded below).

The poll also has some bad news for Obamacare, where 61% of Americans disapprove of the law, more strikingly 67% of independents disapprove of Obamacare. While 55% of Americans believe the program doesn’t need to be repealed, that is driven totally by Democrats. The majority of Republicans (68%) and a plurality of independents (49%) believe Obama’s signature legislation should be repealed.

Its not just CBS, over the past week, Rasmussen has reported the president’s approval at or near all time lows, Wednesday’s report had him at a 43% approval and 56% disapproval and a Rasmussen report earlier in the week showed only 35% described the new health care law as good for America, and 55% favor repealing it.

The Real Clear Politics average also shows Obama’s approval near Record lows.

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The Democratic Talking heads, as well as Obama himself, are quick to blame the problem’s with Obama and Obamacare on the Republicans.  However it is very clear based on these sources that the distrust of this President amongst independents, Republicans and even to some extent Democrats,  have driven his approval levels
 down the abyss.

Another indication of the loss of faith in this President comes from The Hill’s Amie Parnes who reports:

President Obama’s relationship with congressional Democrats has worsened to an unprecedented low, Democratic aides say.”  Sources described a meeting of Democratic House chiefs of staff as “seething with anger.”  

  • “It’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen it. It’s bad. It’s really bad,” said an aide about the mood on Capitol Hill.
  • “They’re freaking out, as they should be,” said one senior Senate Democratic aide, adding that the rollout continues to be “a lasting mess.”
  • “This either gets fixed or this could be the demise of the Democratic Party,” said one Chief of Staff.
  • “Is he even more unpopular than George W. Bush? I think that’s already happened,” said one Democratic chief of staff.