Maybe I am a cynic, but I did not “buy” the goods I was being sold by many of the speakers at today’s convention. Frankly Nancy Pelosi was just full of Sh*t and Michelle Obama was too sapy to be believed She seemed plastic, too well rehearsed and nothing really felt “from the heart. Here were my thoughts as I watched the nonsense in Denver:

  • Nancy Pelosi Said that McCain was wrong on the War, but Biden voted for it also. She Said that McCain was wrong on energy, but McCain voted against the presidents energy plan and both Biden and Obama voted for it.
  • There should have been a warning keeping diabetics away from that Michelle Obama video, it was WAY to sappy.
  • Michelle Obama’s brother left something out when discussing Barack’s Basketball game, When he Dribbles HE WON’T go to his right.
  • I love my family too, that doesn’t mean my wife should be president, besides why would she want the demotion, in my house she is GOD.
  • Everyone knows that Michelle Obama was the reason Hillary Clinton wasn’t even considered for VP. To hear her praise the former first lady made me want to toss my cookies.
  • By the way when the Senator was driving his wife and his new born child home, don’t you think it would have been safer if he kept his eyes on the road instead of staring out the back winid?
  • Just because she said for the first time how much she loves this country, doesn’t mean I have to believe her. Actions speak louder than empty words. I could say I have a full head of hair one hundred times, but when I wake up I will still be bald.