I have given much thought to the tragedy ever since I got the word about the Benazir Bhutto here are some of my thoughts:

  • Effect on the War on Terror: Not Good-Bhutto would have one the election. As Prime Minister she would have gone after al-Queda hideouts in Pakistan. She even said she would allow US troops to do the job.
  • Effect on the Election: At least in the short term, it has to help Hilary in the Democratic side and maybe Biden who is the only Democrat with real foreign policy experience. On the GOP side this gotta help McCain.
  • Is Musharrif culpable? If you mean did he or his people kill her? NO WAY. Osama’s idiots already claimed credit AND no one–even Ehud Olmert, can have that kind of suicide wish.
  • Did Musharrif Protect Bhutto Enough? Hard to say if he could have protected her from her death. On one hand it was commonly known that he did not give her everything she wanted in terms of protection. But, on the other hand she is culpable in her own death also. Come on, when you know that people are trying to kill you, you don’t leave a very public…well attended rally and stick your head out of the sun roof to waive at the crowd. I don’t care what kind of populust candidate you are–thats like wearing a sign that says please kill me.
  • Final thoughts: Does anyone know of the all the 7Elevens in the US are going to close for a day in honor of their slain countryman? What if anything will this do to the availability of NY City Taxi Cabs? Do you think that Condi Rice will blame this tragedy on the settlements in Jerusalem? Will Egypt blame it on the Mossad ? Stay Tooned.