Consider this an opportunity to pass along some random thoughts– too short to make a full post. Most of them are regarding the media coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Rumor Mill since Friday’s Capture: There have been tons of stories since the capture of terrorist suspect #2 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Friday night for example the London Mirror has a story that the FBI is tracking a terrorist cell of 12 people involved with last weeks bombing. This story as well as others like it have no substantiation and do not pass the “smell test” therefore they wont be covered here until there is some proof.

Yes Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is “talking”: More than one source is reporting that suspect #2 is at least partially conscious and communicating with FBI interrogators by writing answers.  He has a bullet wound to his neck and cannot talk. Any other stories about his medical condition (he will never talk again) or what he is telling the FBI is pure conjecture.  The FBI will not tell until they want it known and just as they held the identity of the Tsarnaev Brothers they will hold any news about Dzhokhar’s medical condition or whether is is cooperating until it suits their purposes.

Note to Slate’s David Sirota: Well you got your wish–both bombers are Caucasian.

Mrs. Suspect #1  There is no indication that Mrs. Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s wife Katherine Russell Tsarnaev had any knowledge of the horrible plot. Until there is evidence (and the FBI is questioning her)  I don’t believe she is news (or at least news enough to cover here). The Mainstream media is covering her because they are running out of stories.

Note to Chris Matthews:  You were wrong the bombers were radical Islamists, will you apologize?

Enemy Combatant or Miranda: The FBI already has enough information to convict Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, none of what he will tell them needs to be used against him.  They have video of him placing the bomb, When he and his brother Tamerlan carjacked the Mercedes SUV and forced the owner to use his cash card to give him money, they bragged to the victim that they were behind the agency bombing. And of course the police were there as witnesses as Dzhokhar drove that SUV over his older brother, killing him.

The DOJ cannot read the Tsarnaev his Miranda rights until he spills his guts about the plot, how it was conceived who (if anyone) else was involved etc. This is for the safety of other Americans.  After that is done (and only after that is done) if he is shown not to have links to al-qaeda then is is not an enemy combatant and  yes they should Mirandize the terrorist and try him in American courts.

So far the DOJ has not read terrorist #2 his Miranda rights..lets see if this Continues.

The Boston Marathon Bombing and Gun Control: Neither terrorist suspect #1 or his younger brother obtained their weapons legally. In other words increased background checks would not have helped.  Once again this proves that gun control advocates wrong.  Background checks will not stop criminals from getting guns. They will only effect the law-abiding citizen.

Totally Unrelated Thought:
Regarding the NY Jets and the Revis trade…why couldn’t it have been Marc Sanchez (I know nobody wants him but haven’t we suffered enough)?