Either Media Matters (MM) is trying to confuse everybody, or the people they employ to write down everything that Glenn Beck says are suffering from some sort of dementia.

The progressive advocacy group funded in part by George Soros, and “birthed” by Obama transition head John Podesta, called Glenn Beck a hypocrite for questioning whether Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the Ground Zero Mosque was truly a moderate. For evidence the fair minded people at MM pointed to a 2006 appearance on Good Morning America, where Beck appeared with Imam Rauf.  The strange part is that back in 2006 when Glenn Beck made that appearance on Good Morning America, Media Matters used the appearance to brand Beck as an Islamaphobe. So which one is it guys?

In an article published this week called In 2006 joint appearance, Beck appeared to call Imam Rauf a “good Muslim” Media Matters. In the piece the progressive media watchdog group used the following as the “smoking gun:”

“When Diane Sawyer mentioned that Imam Rauf says the radicals are just a “group of people” and “not him,” Beck seemed to agree, saying “sure, sure.” He added, “I believe it’s a small portion of Islam that is acting in these ways.” Beck, for his part, even appeared to gesture to Imam Rauf when he invoked the idea of “good Muslims.”

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Now watch the video MM used in the article (if you can’t see video below click here)

At best, using Glenn Beck’s “sure, sure” to say that the commentator was endorsing Imam Rauf is a stretch—.an incredibly huge stretch. But let’s suspend disbelief for a moment. Supposed they are right and Beck’s sure, sure was the equivalent of the commentator jumping on the Imam’s lap planting a big wet kiss on his lips and singing the Barney theme song, “I love you, you love me..” as loud as he humanly can. If they are correct why did the same Media Matters use the same 2006 appearance to call Beck an Islamophobe?

On the day of Beck’s appearance on Good Morning America in November 2006, Media Matters ran an article called Good Morning America welcomed “talk-radio host” Glenn Beck to discuss Islam, didn’t mention Beck’s history of smears. This time the article calls Beck is a hater and the Imam was there to combat the opinions of the Beck, no big wet kiss, no Barney theme song:

“On the November 28 edition of ABC’s Good Morning America, co-host Diane Sawyer interviewed conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck to discuss whether Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Turkey, in the wake of controversial comments the pope made about Islam on September 12, will “heal” tensions or “make matters worse.” Sawyer identified Beck simply as a “television and talk-radio host … who has said it’s time for the world to stop buckling to the pressure of radical Islam,” without noting that Beck is a self-identified conservative who has a history of making derogatory statements about Islam and Muslims. During the interview, Beck repeated several comments he has made before, such as: “I believe that it is important for all of us to look evil in the eye and crush it;” “I believe there is a cancer that is radicalized Islam, and it must be cut out or it’s going to kill all of us;” and “I believe it’s Germany, 1938.” As purported balance to Beck, Sawyer interviewed Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the leader of a mosque in New York who, according to Sawyer, is “working to help understanding between different communities.”

The clip they use with the article is an edited version of the clip above using only the Beck dialog.

See, very confusing!  If the clip shows a Beck/ Imam Rauf love connection, how could it also show that Beck hates Muslims? That’s impossible!

Media Matters claims to be a watchdog group, to correct mistakes and point out propaganda in the mainstream and media. The use of this Glenn Beck/ Imam Rauf tape to make opposing points shows Media Matters for what it really is, a political advocacy group which will distort the truth to prove its point.