Award Winner I should have written this Monday, but with all of the “stuff” going on at home, I haven’t had the time. So Please Forgive me.

First of all I want to thank all of you who read this blog every day And all of you who voted for my posts. I am certainly shocked that Yidwithlid came out ahead in the Best Pro Israel category. And I am not saying this in a false display of modesty. While I work very hard to bring you these pages, my blog is certainly not on the same category as the Blogging Superstars…the places I go to read every day. I want to thank Dave in Jblog and the others in the Jblog world, for working so hard to put this together and running the site (no good deed goes unpunished, is what we used to say when I was on my Shul’s board) And I really appreciate the award.

To me these are head and shoulders the best Jewish and Israel advocacy blogs on the net:
They are the Best of the Web… my blog is NOT in their class, and it is a honor just to be named in the same breath as these folks:
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