Over the past few days the media has been full of things that we need to ban due to the horrible tragedy in Connecticut and other horrible tragedies.  I thought it would be helpful to everyone if I compile a list all in one place:

  • Violent Video Games:  Super Mario Brothers can be violent.
  • Violent TV Shows:  Right down to that Geico Commercial using Road Runner
  • Assault Weapons: Because those dammed weapons loaded themselves .
  • Violent Movies: Have you seen the new Star Trek Trailer…the movie should be banned now . And of course the Batman Movie.
  • Crazy people owning guns:  OK I am for that one (but can we include Congress in that).
  • Mini-Vans and Vans:  If we are talking about things that can be used to Kill–Timothy McVeigh killed 68 people, including 19 children in the day care center on the second floor with a rented van and some fertilizer.
  • Fertilizer: See Above.
  • Airplanes:  The horrible tragedy of 9/11/01 was caused by airplanes
  • Homicide Bombing Belts:  I know there is no such thing as terrorism, but just in case the Obama administration is wrong..shouldn’t we ban them?
  • Vegans: Adam Lanza was a Vegan. Did that contribute to his mental illness?
  • The Word Midget: Its now the M-Word and Congressman Hank Johnson says if there are too many M-words on Guam the Island will tip over.
  • Box Cutters: The Terrorists gained control of the airplanes on 9/11 with Box Cutters.
  • Political Speech: Remember when President Obama called for “a new tone” and then ignored what he had said?  Perhaps we should ban all political speech.

OK maybe some of these go over the line, actually they all do.  It takes sick people to do some of these sick acts we have seen in America and world-wide.  And the rush to start banning or regulate speech, entertainment and guns being pushed over the last few days is nonsense.

Yes…we must look for ways to prevent the horror of what happened on Friday, but sick people are always going to do sick things…and if you ban one item, the crazy person who wants to massacre people will find other ways.

Don’t forget, whether someone is legally insane or not, someone who wants to kill has something mentally wrong with them.