I will be the first to admit it—when Ohio went to Obama on Tuesday night– depression set in—worry grew for the future of my family and for this country which welcomed my ancestors and protected my family.

There is still a great fear running through my consciousness for our future because Obama has won a second term. And like many of my fellow conservatives I spent much of yesterday “out on the ledge getting ready to jump.” That was until I realized that while the progressives will try their best to change this great nation into a European socialist republic nothing much has or will be different for a long time. Let me explain, these are the things my that will never change because Obama has won a second term:

  • My family still loves me.
  • My daughter still wants me to give her money.
  • My Son will still go to action movies with me.
  • My dog still walks over to my chair’s arm rest and sticks her nose under my hand as a signal she wants some attention.
  • LIPA still hasn’t given me back the power I lost last Monday because of Hurricane Sandy.
  • Bill O’ Reilly will still whine that Romney didn’t come on HIS show and that’s why he lost.
  • John Boehner will still capitulate first and ask questions later.
  • My family will still be driving down to Baltimore to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his family.
  • Chris Matthews will still tinkle down his leg and still call any disagreement with Obama-racism.
  • My Long Island Rail Road Train is Still Late and still doesn’t have enough seats.
  • Ben’s Still delivers a delicious brisket sandwich to my office for lunch.
  • I will still be welcomed into my Shul (or any Shul) when I show up on Shabbos
  • Mark Levin will still teach me American History and the Constitution for three hours every weekday.
  • I still have great friendships with some great reporters and bloggers. 
  • I am still afraid of heights, so this “out on the ledge”  thing is scary–I better go inside.

You get the Idea– here are the two other things that wont change:

  1. I still think that the United States of America is the best hope for freedom in the world.
  2. Despite Tuesday night’s lousy news, I will still be fighting against the progressive agenda and their allies in the government and in the  mainstream media, because I still love my God, my Country, my friends, and most of all, my family. To be honest there is no other choice.

Hopefully you will continue to come to the site or subscribe to the email– hit the tip jar and/or support my advertisers (at least until I win the lottery).

In the end I am still very confident that freedom, the constitution and the unique American experiment which began on July 4th 1776 will win out in the end.