Despite the fact that the lefty slice of the political has had their Obamessiah “running” the country since Tuesday, many liberals are still incapacitated, frothing at the mouth because they still suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS).

Just witness Nancy Pelosi said yesterday, that Bush leaving Washington was like an anvil being lifted off her shoulders.  What gets lost in this rhetoric is the fact that whether you agree or disagree with the former President, he is a decent man and should be given  respect, if for no other reason than to Honor the Office he held.

But those sufferers of BDS don’t care, and they are finding the most outlandish things to blame on the ex-Commander-in-Chief.  Below is a partial list of the things they have blamed on Bush:

  1. The Avocado (the pit is too big)
  2. Bush is the REAL mother of Trig Palin
  3. The names Starbucks came up with for the sizes of coffee (come on Grande should be the largest size)
  4. The Quality of Network News Sorry I accedently picked that one off the list of things that get blamed on the worldwide Jewish Conspiricy.
  5. The Lady behind you in the 10 Item or less line at the supermarket who tells you that you belong in a different line because one 6-Pack counts as 6 items.
  6. Chief Justice Roberts’ screwing-up of the swearing in ceremony (it was an attempt to overturn the election)
  7. Bush is the REAL mother of Joe Biden
  8. The Guy in front of you in the EZ Pass lane at the bridge.  You know the one I mean, the one who doesn’t have an EZ Pass so you have to wait 20 minutes while the Toll Booth Police writes the guy up.
  9. The Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck Movie Gigli one of the worst movie disasters perpatrated on the American public.
  10. Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are George Bush’s REAL parents.

You see what I mean.  These liberals ought to calm down and move on because the rest of us are watching every step, and you can’t keep a good conservative down.