When is our government going to go after the American Companies that host Terrorist websites. Here is another one SiteGenie LLC Based out of Rochester Minnesota hosts a site that calls for Homicide bombings in Denmark– they also have a nice little plan on how to attack a US military base.

Incredible–the same city hosts both the Mayo Clinic designed to save lives and this wretched web hosting company.

Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Calls for Suicide Operations in Denmark On August 31, 2007, the Islamist website www.ekhlaas.cc, hosted by SiteGenie LLC in Rochester, Minnesota, posted a document calling for “martyrdom [i.e., suicide] operations” in Denmark. The author, who identified himself as a member of Al-Qaeda, urged the Muslims not to forget the incident of the Danish cartoons, and promised the people of Denmark that the “brigades of martyrdom seekers are on their way… and will soon carry out blessed operations” in their country. He called on the Muslims to register on the site as candidates for these suicide operations. Following are excerpts from the document: “Some Muslims have put the affair of the Danish [cartoons] behind them and have completely forgotten it… I have reopened this issue in order to irritate the infidel Danes, and to remind them that the affair is not over and that the brigades of the martyrdom seekers are on their way. “[My] goal is to urge [my Muslim] brothers to put down their names [so as to indicate] that the affair is not over, and that they will soon set out to carry out blessed operations in Denmark. Please put down your names in order to strike fear in the hearts of the Danish people. “I take upon myself the honorable [task] of being the first martyrdom seeker to crush the strongholds of heresy in Denmark. “[Signed] Abu Al-Bara Al-Dosari. Place of residence: the secret state of Al-Qaeda, from which we will set forth to crush the heretic [regimes].”