I am sure that you have noticed by now that the Yid With Lid Blog no longer looks like the internet equivalent a “crumbled old shirt that I slept in all night after a drunken binge at a seedy bar.” Yesterday I showed it to a colleague who hates almost every design I have ever shown her and she said it looked “DAMN COOL” I would like to take credit for the new look of YIDWITHLID but I can’t.

One day last week out of the blue, I get this email from my friend Aaron AKA Mr. Bagel. Aaron sent me a link that he wanted me to check out. When I opened it up–it was like all eight nights of Chanukah rolled into one. That link was a test version of this site’s new look. Over the next few days Aaron spent his valuable time fixing and organizing Yidwithlid to the point where now I have to work on my writing so it is as good as the design and layout of the site.

So I want to publicly thank my Bagelblogging Buddy Aaron, for his little present, the redesign of this site. I also want to thank him for his big present…the gift of his friendship.

Thank you my Friend.