I am sorry in advance if this seems mean, but I need to tell somebody this story and well, you guys lose.

Needing to pick up a few prescriptions yesterday, I drove over to the neighborhood pharmacy (yes we are very lucky to have a non-chain neighborhood pharmacy–a dying breed). Our pharmacy is right next to a beauty parlor.

After pulling in to a spot in front of the beauty parlor, I spied upon a rather large woman in front of the salon.  How large? Well lets just say she made my 260 pound frame look like Twiggy.  Anyway this large woman was using the beauty parlor’s front window as sort of a mirror and she was checking out her hind quarters.

Now, I am a guy (and have been one as far back as I can remember), and I cannot ever see a situation where I would be checking out my “rump roast” in public (or private).  And I cannot figure why this rather large woman would be checking out hers in front of a beauty parlor. The woman wasn’t like Kim Kardashian, whose lower cheeks are much bigger than the rest of her body, no this woman was HUGE.

Let’s face it shouldn’t it be against the law for anyone to check out their arse in a store window when that backside takes up more that two window panels?  Thank God it was raining because she could have been wearing Speedos.

And on an Non-related note, I noticed that Jessica Simpson gave birth to a little boy yesterday. I hope mother and child remain healthy and full of Joy.  I did notice that Ms. Simpson named her little boy ACE.  As a fan of the site Ace of Spades, it makes me wonder if the blogger Ace and Ms. Simpson aren’t  being totally honest with us.

Thank you for listening.