Not that I can vote in the upcoming Likud Party Elections but I had to nose around a little. While I would certainly rather have Bibi as Prime Minister that Olmert I would probably also rather the guy who shmears by bagel with butter every morning as prime minister than Olmert also.

Bibi has his pluses and minus. One major minus is although he is seen as a “hard-liner” Netanyahu is just as guilty of selling out the store as was Rabin. And he had his own scandals.

You rarely read about the other candidate in the English press, and thats very sad since we know where Netanyahu stands and most of us in the US dont even know the other candidates name. So in the spirit of democracy let me tell you about the other guy.

His name is Moshe Feiglin. Mr Feiglin’s goal is to turn the Jewish state into –well the Jewish state. From what I have read so far he is NOT trying to change Israel into Jewish version of an Islamic theocracy, but it seems (at least to me) that he his trying to set up a government with a Yiddeshe kup. He does think that Jewish learning should be part of the public school education of a Jewish state (something that does not offend me, but probably offends some of my more liberal American Jewish friends) and most importantly he believes that there should no longer be any one-sided concessions.

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Below are highlights his speech made to the Likud central committee earlier this week.

Honorable Chairman and Dear Friends,

“Israel’s citizens have been dealing with an ominous feeling of impending doom — as if they are about to fall into an abyss. The Nation of Israel understands that its current leadership is irresponsible and cares only about itself. That is why the Likud — as a responsible leadership party — must quickly offer Israel a completely different type of leadership.

When the Likud members vote, they are not only electing the leader of the Likud. They are electing the leader who will defeat Nasrallah and Achmadinijad! They are electing the leader who can save Israel!

And who can defeat Israel’s enemies? The answer is simple. Only a leader who believes in G-d can win. We are the Nation of faith, the Nation whose faith has triumphed throughout two thousand years of exile. But we failed in last year’s battle against a nobody because he had his faith, but we have lost ours. Dear friends, if we do not have leadership that believes in G-d, we simply will not be here! We will continue to stagnate, decline and eventually collapse.

Today, with our decision to hold primaries, we have started the process that will depose Israel’s corrupt and faithless leaders. From here, we will bring a new message to the Nation of Israel. The Likud is taking responsibility and rising to the challenge. Soon, the Nation of Israel will have worthy leadership. Leadership that believes in this nation and in this Land — leadership that believes in the G-d of Israel.

No more equations like: “If they give, they will get.” We do not want to give them anything and we do not want to receive anything from them. We want to defeat them! It is simple and entirely possible — as soon as we begin to believe.

Dear friends, our triumph will begin at home. We do not stand for religious coercion and we do not plan on creating a halachic (Jewish law) state.

We stand for Jewish education. We stand for restoring honor to the Jewish family. We stand for a Supreme Court that represents the Jewish people — a Supreme Court with a Jewish heart. We stand for a proud Jewish state that knows how to deal with its enemies! And most importantly, we stand for the end of the horrible betrayal of all that is dear to us. First and foremost, of our brother Jonathan Pollard.

I am running for chairmanship of the Likud because I believe with all my heart that only a leader with faith can return us to ourselves and win. Let us lead the nation, save it and create a proud and thriving Jewish state for all the generations to come!

In his site Moshe Feiglin has a priority list of what he wants to do during his first 100 days on office I am about half way through and so far its worth reading. And If any of you want to meet him he is going to be in the Five Towns next week.

Date: Wednesday – July 18 (the 3rd of Menachem Av)
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Centre
295 Main Street – East Rockaway, NY 11518

Full – PAREVE – (nine days) dinner will be served including dessert.
First class catering will be done by Kotimsky and Tuchman which is under the Kof-K and Vaad of the Five Towns