There he was, Al Sharpton taking center stage in the Michael Brown Junior press conference.  Sadly the reporters all respected him as a advocate for human rights.  Sadly not one of them asked him a question about his human rights qualifications…no one asked Sharpton about the Antisemitism and other hatred he has spewed.

Like the
funeral in 1991 where Al Sharpton gave a powerful eulogy, which skewed hatred and Antisemitism:

“The world will tell us he was killed by accident. Yes, it was a social
accident. … It’s an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service
in the middle of Crown Heights. … Talk about how Oppenheimer in South
Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond
merchants right here in Crown Heights. The issue is not anti-Semitism;
the issue is apartheid. … All we want to say is what Jesus said: If
you offend one of these little ones, you got to pay for it. No
compromise, no meetings, no kaffe klatsch, no skinnin’ and grinnin’. Pay
for your deeds.”

Those people in Crown Height should have justice, especially those who
were hurt in the violence which according to the sworn testimony of
Efraim Lipkind, a former Hasidic resident of Crown Heights:

“Then we had a famous man, Al Sharpton, who came down, and he said
Tuesday night, kill the Jews, two times. I heard him, and he started to
lead a charge across the street to Utica. —“ 

The media should ask Sharpton about when NYC Jews complained about the Antisemitism of Black College
professor Leonard Jeffries in 1991, Sharpton called them race baiters
adding “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes
back and come over to my house”–

Perhaps they should ask Sharpton about former NY State AG Robert Abrams, who Sharpton refused to
meet with during the Tawana Brawley hoax because meeting Abrams would be
“like asking someone who watched someone killed in the gas chamber to
sit down with Mr. Hitler.”

Why won’t the press ask about Steven Pagones former Assistant District Attorney in Duchess County
deserves justice. In 1987 Sharpton accused him of raping Tawana Brawley.
Not only was Pagones nowhere near Brawley that night, but also the
entire rape story was a fraud.

How about justice for Yosef Lifsh, the driver of the car that tragically
struck Gavin Cato in August 1991? Al Sharpton falsely claimed he was
driving drunk that night despite that police tested him and he was
clean. Al Sharpton incited so much hate against Lifsh that he fled to

Angelina Marrero, Cynthia Martinez, Luz Ramos, Mayra Rentas , Olga
Garcia, Garnette Ramautar, Kareem Brunner, the seven victims of the
massacre at Freddy’s Fashion Mart never had justice. They are dead
because a four-month-long campaign of hate by Al Sharpton led to a man
firebombing the clothing store killing the seven innocents. Perhaps one reporter could ask about those seven.

Sharpton should be asked about the “Central Park Jogger” who was raped and beaten to within an inch of
her life and her former boyfriend never received justice. Sharpton led
rallies where he claimed the “jogger” was raped by her boyfriend and the
woman who was raped and beaten to within a hair of death was called a

David Dinkins, the hapless first black mayor of NYC deserves justice. He
was angrily denounced by Sharpton using these words, “David Dinkins,
you wanna be the only ni**er on television, only ni**er in the
newspaper, only ni**er that can talk. Don’t cover them, don’t talk to
them, ’cause you got the only ni**er problem. ‘Cause you know if a black
man stood up next to you, they would see you for the whore that you
really are“  Perhaps the MSNBC star  could be asked about this Black on Black hatred.

Remember the controversy surrounding the Duke lacrosse team? They never
received justice when they were falsely accused of rape and without any
facts Al Sharpton declared that these ”rich white boys” had attacked a
”black girl,” and he warned that if arrests were not made immediately,
there would be no peace. He further claimed, “this case parallels Abner
Louima, who was raped and sodomized in a bathroom [by a New York City
police officer] like this girl has alleged she was…. and just like in
the Louima case, you have people here saying she fabricated it.” It was
later proven that indeed she had totally invented the story and all
charges against the defendants were dropped.” Should this man that some call Reverend be called out for violating the 9th Commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness…?”

What about political slanders, the those at the press conference should ask about that hatred.  . For
example he once told his radio audience that Republicans view black
people as subhumans, much as Adolf Hitler saw Jews. “It seems like they
[some of the right wing] act as though some wiping out of people … is
alright. It’s not alright to do to any innocent people…. [T]o wipe out
innocent people just ’cause of who they are, like was done in Hitler’s
Germany, or was done to Native Americans, is not justified.”

While most of Sharpton’s acts of hate were not criminal they were
immoral.  Why won’t the press ask him about it? This pseudo preacher has no right to speak out about the Michael Brown case until he answers for the hatred he started.

At Michael Brown’s funeral Al Sharpton said “God judges you for what you
did on Earth” He’s correct, because in the end it is up to HaShem to
dispose final justice. However just once I would like to see the
mainstream media pursue justice by asking Sharpton how does he think God
will judge him for filling the world with chamas, violence and cruelty?

The mainstream media should be perusing truth and justice about Al
Sharpton, indeed we all should. They should be asking the Sharpton to
justify his hatred of others. And the rest of us
should be pressing the media to ask those tough questions. It’s time for
Al Sharpton to be labeled for what he is– a hater not a healer.