This Monday (3/7) The Lid Radio Show will have two great guests, Republican Strategist Liz Mair and Blogger Caleb Howe

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Liz Mair is a communications expert, new media adviser, political consultant and blogger, who writes principally about politics, with additional commentary on sports, travel and other assorted topics. She is the founder and President of Mair Strategies LLC.

A libertarian Republican and Arsenal FC fan, Liz served as Online Communications Director at the Republican National Committee during 2008, where she led an aggressive and groundbreaking online media outreach effort aimed at electing John McCain, Sarah Palin and Republicans across the country. During the 2010 cycle, she advised Carly Fiorina on online communications. She also consulted for Gov. Rick Perry during his presidential run.

Liz is running the Anti-Trump PAC Called Making America Awesome (America is Already Great). It’s an independent organization not affiliated with any campaign dedicated to blocking and reversing Donald Trump’s political ascent.

Liz can be followed on twitter @LizMair and Make America Awesome can be found on twitter @MakeUSAAwesome


Caleb's The One On The Left

Caleb’s The One On The Left

Our second guest is Caleb Howe, blogger, tweeter, and owner of shoes.

He has been writing at RedState for over a decade. He also blogs at  Truth Revolt, in fact he pushed me out of TR so he would no longer be considered the second best writer there.

Caleb was born in the lost colony of Roanoke and raised by a pack of wild accountants.

He has been described as accidentally funny, annoying,a right wing nutbag, and most commonly– who?? He’s also been described as my good friend who will give you the shirt off his back (to show off his pecs).

A former graphic designer, web developer, and United States Marine (Semper Fi!), Caleb is now a full time internet schmuck and gadabout.

WARNING: When Caleb and I get together there will be snark and humor!

You can follow Caleb on twitter @Calebhowe  and on Facebook

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