There is a reason the House GOP is opening impeachment proceedings on Mayorkas. The border is absolute chaos… and that chaos is intentional.

You must look no further than the last Democrat budget to know what’s going wrong. All of the border ‘enforcement’ money was explicitly forbidden to have been spent on measures that would actually, you know, prevent swarms of people from crossing.

Instead of enforcement, the money was to be spent on accommodating and processing the ‘newcomers’ Joe Biden’s administration was eager to welcome into America.

But some methods of being ‘welcomed’ are more advantageous than others. If, for example, the government thinks you are a child who has mysteriously managed a trip to America’s Southern border from more than an ocean away, you get a very different level of government provision than the pat-on-the-head-good-luck-to-ya adults might be given.

That brings us to a rash of fake passports.

A warning about bogus passports from Guinea was sent out by Border Patrol.


Here’s a segment of the press conference where Leader Johnson brought a large delegation of House GOP to visit Eagle Pass and some other points of interest in the border crisis.

Notice that even in the middle of that press conference, just a few yards away, people were walking across the river in precisely the fashion that Biden’s Spox-muppet had assured us they did not.

The real question that needs answering is the one posed by Jim Jordan: do Republicans have the WILL to fight?


If we assume the other side will lie, cheat, and play dirty, are we STILL willing to get in the ring with them and struggle for the metaphorical title?

That’s not just a political question, either.


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