Regular readers of these pages know that I am very supportive of the second amendment and the right to own firearms, but I do not as of yet own one. So when my friend Tami Jackson shares some hands on information about guns, she allows me to share it with my readers. The piece below was originally written for one of the sites she works for called Robar Guns:

Shooters, be they active duty military, law enforcement, Vets, or civilians, love to talk about their carry.

A day at the range is never complete without a little gun gossip — swapping stories about a given pistol or rifle and any modifications that have made the firearm superior. Haggling over stopping power versus not printing, 1911’s versus Glocks…all part and parcel of the gun community fun.

But something that often takes a back seat to the pistol being carried, but which is also vitally important, is the holster. A person can be trained and ready to be that sheepdog or lion, but if the holster is subpar, accidents can happen and the draw and reholstering can be dangerous.

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As a gal who’s never served in the military, never been in law enforcement, and never competed in shooting, I’ll lay out what I have learned over the last few years and expect many of you will add fantastic comments. I have absolutely no fragile ego concerning my gun and accessories knowledge: I only desire to learn and help others take steps to join the concealed carry community. Or at least be able to proficiently fire a weapon, to prepare for “Left of Bang.”

For years holsters were made of leather. What’s not to like about leather? It smells great and looks good, almost western-like. And regardless what all the Lefty gun-grabbers assert, cowboys are cool. They represent that Audie Murphy and Gene Autry appeal of the “Cowboy Code.” Cowboys were (are) gentlemen and protectors. That’s good stuff.

But there are some problems with leather.

First, let’s look at what a shooter should consider when choosing a holster. Matt Schlueter had a fine article in USA Carry a few years ago that outlined the following:

  1. Concealment
  2. Drawing
  3. Comfort
  4. Retention
  5. Exact Fit/Form Maintenance
  6. Quality of Workmanship
  7. Reholstering/Re-enforced Throat
  8. Covered Trigger Guard
  9. Removability
  10. Clothing

Like a lot of folks, I was trained by very good NRA instructors and could go to the range, charge mags, and put the lead down range in a reasonable group. But that is light years away from real-life, high-stress, imminent threat situations. And certainly has nothing to do with drawing and reholstering.

Last winter I was fortunate to take a Conceal Carry Tactics course from the highly respected, former Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales, of Trident Concepts LLC. Boy did I learn what I didn’t know: a lot. A hell of a lot.

There’s a “hell of a lot more” to this piece if you click here you can go to Robar Guns and read the rest.