Guest post by Joe Messina

That interweb is a real problem. Electrons race through the wired and wireless world leaving very evident traces behind. WikiLeaks and social media are making a real mess of our 2016 election cycle.

Mind you, it’s a self-inflicted mess, but a mess nonetheless. Because of the interweb information is instantaneous and trackable. The “Alinsky” plan is being played out by the Left almost flawlessly.

Let’s start with Trump. Trump’s tax returns were “leaked” and then posted. They were illegally obtained and published against federal law. Is there an FBI investigation? NO! Will there be charges brought? NO! Why? Because the Clinton Mafia is above the law and their “made men” will be protected.

We learned through WikiLeaks of corruption in the Clinton universe like that only seen in a crime novel. The problem in this case is that it’s real!

When the DNC emails were leaked no one denied the content. Action was taken, or should I say a shell game ensued, to move people like Debbie Wassermann-Schultz around to make it look like they were enraged and taking action. As more and more emails come out showing racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, anti-religion, anti-Americanism, anti-border, and non-Clinton supporter hate really exists behind the scenes, the Clinton camp started scrambling to deflect media attention.

Having the media in their pocket (as is ALSO documented in the emails) is why you see less than 1 hour from ALL non-FOX media channels CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and others covering the email leaks while FOX has given it over 15 hours of coverage (and counting).

Before you pop a vein, let’s state that FOX has spent almost as many hours beating on Trump’s accusations. Those Clinton Network stations and affiliates gave twice that time to the Trump “scandal.” Suddenly they can find the word “scandal”, but only to use it against Trump.

Interestingly enough, the Clinton team cannot and will not confirm or deny the emails. Hmmm? Maybe Hillary’s copies got lost in the server bath? They are screaming foul saying the emails were on private systems and were stolen a la the Watergate break in. I think not! Watergate was about a cover up. The Watergate vandals / criminals were looking to find out how the Democrats were planning for the upcoming election.

WikiLeaks received the information from “anonymous” sources and has stated they are checking them out before releasing. Maybe they are using the same vetting process the Dems will use to vet refugees? Democrats are screaming that the Russians have partnered with Trump to influence the outcome of the election. Clinton’s campaign wouldn’t know anything about that would they? I’m sure Bernie is at ease knowing that his loss was due to the Russians getting those emails and not to the fact that the DNC and the Clinton machine actually conspired together to bury Bernie!

But again, they deny!  While the Clinton camp is desperately trying to stop the bleeding, they came up with a great plan. Accuse Trump of sexually abusing women (that’s rich). After the recording surfaced “all of a sudden” of Trump using what he called “locker room conversation” with another guy, the Dems conveniently “find” a bunch of women to claim some kind of sexual assault in the form of groping and more. No rape allegation or attempted rape. The timing is suspect. The people reporting are suspect. The first two reports have been proved to be blatant lies! Now, I am not saying all these women are lying or that no one was assaulted. I wasn’t there. I don’t know. There are no eyewitnesses at this point.

Interestingly enough, all these claims came out days before each debate, the mainstream media naturally jumped on it as if it were a verdict giving it all kinds of air time without ANY vetting! The first two claims were debunked by “credible” sources. Why didn’t the mainstream media give reports of the debunking equal air time? Because, as we found out with the email leaks, many of the mainstream media are in the “family” or as we have come to know it the Clinton Mafia.

When Clinton is asked about the leaked emails she denies knowing about them! When asked about the “classified” emails she didn’t see any or know what the classified marks were for. She’s having lots of bouts of the “I don’t recall” disease.

This is a woman who said she deleted all her personal emails, a number that turned out to be over 33,000 according to her. She knows for a fact that they turned over all the state department emails and that the 33,000 destroyed were about yoga classes and wedding plans. BUT as I said before, she knew nothing about all those emails going back and forth on her server about calling Catholics backwards, what Jews were called, blacks were called, or that her campaign manager prayed that the killer was a white guy and not a Muslim.

But they don’t openly deny these things. No one has lost a job! Not a peep from the hard Left! Are they afraid?

She denies and lies. She has been caught saying awful things and treating people like crap. And yet she can’t remember any of it or denies doing it, even when caught on recordings and yet what she can be sure of is that she would make a better president and is ready to run this country.

Americans! Don’t vote for her. Don’t ruin this country! AND I’m not saying don’t vote for her because she is a Democrat. I am asking you not to vote for her because she has a track record that is 180 degrees from what she claims. She cares nothing for this country, for families, for women, or for children as is evidenced by her actions over the years. She cares about one thing and one thing only… Hillary Clinton and her bank account!

She allowed foreign countries to take advantage of the US because it enhanced her bank account. She allowed the women her husband abused to be ridiculed because it would hurt her future political and financial plans. She has allowed the Russians to get a hold of over 20% of our plutonium because it furthered her financial goals.

She denies there was any wrong doing through the Clinton Foundation. She lies saying 90% of the money donated makes it to people in need and what did make it there did no good for the people affected.

I find it very disheartening that with ALL the accusations made against the Clintons over the years are simply a plan from Right-wing extremists to take them down. Yet every accusation made against a Republican candidate has to be true!

Mark my words, if you let her in, this country will be set on a path to be unrecognizable within the next 30 years and you will be placing a burden on your children that will be unimaginable. Don’t do that to our kids and their kids.

That Kool-Aid must be real addicting for anyone to buy what she’s selling!

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