Regular readers of “The Lid” know my friend John Hawkins is the Master
of the list post.  Not only does he find/research/create lists that I
never would have thought of, but he executes them in a compelling and
interesting way.

 John’s latest list is The 25 Best Quips, Quotes, And Excerpts From Ann Coulter’s “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From The Seventies To Obama” Here are some samples from his

 25) In the 1980s, Sharpton was captured on an FBI videotape, biting an unlit cigar and wearing a leather cowboy hate, discussing purchasing a cocaine shipment from an agent posting as a drug dealer….This tape was made in 1983, but the public didn’t see it until 2002, nineteen years later. After the tape played on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in 2002, Sharpton threatened to sue, claiming there was a second tape that exonerated him, but the second tape never materialized. Instead, government sources said they hadn’t prosecuted Sharpton but instead used the tape to turn him into an FBI informant. — P.64-65

21) We get lots of overwrought predictions about racist Americans, but we never get the admission, Okay, I overreacted. — P.209

16) Erol Ricketts, a demographer and sociologist with the
Rockefeller Foundation, found that between 1890 and 1950, blacks had
higher marriage rates than whites, according to the U.S. Census. Until
then, black women were more likely to get married than white women — and
that was despite the high mortality rate among black men, which left
fewer of them available for marriages and made more black women widows.
In three of four decennial years between 1890 and 1920, black men
outmarried white men, with a ritual tie in 1900 at about 54 percent. Black
Americans were moving forward on a well-trod path in this country when
liberals decided it would a great idea to start subsidizing
illegitimacy. — P.11  

11) The alleged smearing of “the McCain family” is South Carolina was a total hoax. According to the myth, before the 2000 South Carolina primary, the Bush campaign made phone calls to voters implying that McCain had an illegitimate black child. As Linda Wertheimer reported on National Public Radio: “Mysterious calls posing as pollsters asked voters how they felt about John McCain’s black child.” That never happened. After a massive investigation by the media into Bush’s mudslinging against their then-heartthrob McCain, they turned up nothing. — P.197

Note: Black Child?  I thought they said McCain had a legitimate but very-stupid white child

6) Liberals step on black conservatives early and often because they can’t have black children thinking, “Hmmm, the Republicans have some good ideas, maybe I’m a Republican.” The basic set-up is:

  • Step 1: Spend thirty years telling blacks that Republicans are racist and viciously attacking all black Republicans. 
  • Step 2: Laugh maliciously at Republicans for not having more blacks in the party. — P.252

2) Liberals simply take everything that is good in history — which they generally fought against at the time — and retroactively label it “liberal.” Everything bad — which they generally supported — is branded “conservative.” …There is no sense in which race discrimination is “conservative.” Liberals were for race discrimination in the fifties; liberals are for race discrimination today. (As long as their kids still get into a good college.) — P.173

 There is much more to this great post…just click here to go to Right Wing News and read the entire thing.