Bagel Blogger Posted the below tonight. I wanted to add my thanks to his. My friend Chaim is off visiting his uncle who went into the hospital, but if he was here he would join us. Chaim and Bagel both think they know who you are, but to be honest, I have no idea. I do wish I knew, because I am not as nice as Bagel blogger, I would give you tons of zeros and out you to every other blogger I meet. I am sure you are crapping on posts even much better then mine.

All I know is that I have wondered what I have done to you that have made you crap all over my hard work, without even reading the posts. There are time when I will have tons of 1’s but my site trackers (I have four of them) show no visitors. I do have to commend your methods. First you crap on 4 or five of mine , then other people’s, then you come back with me a few hours later. Chaim has presented evidence to the JBlog people, and hopefully they will be able to figure it out.

Bagel Blogger’s post follows:

Sorry about the title, but as the person who keeps voting me 1 point, (no matter the topic or quality of post,) doesn’t actually read my posts. I have to include the message in the title. I’m away whilst my daughter is having heart surgery I won’t be posting much, so you will be able to have a rest for a few days. Now I know being high up on Jblogger is really very important to you, but to be frank, I refuse to play your game. I am very confident I know who you are. I wont retaliate, I won’t slur your character. I will simply understand that it must be really important for you to be towards the very top of JBlog.To that person, have a nice day, and don’t forget I wont be posting much over the next two weeks, you might be able to slip a couple more 1’s and zeros in. Just try to space your voting on my posting, so I can feel at least you have read my blog and think its crap, rather than, feel you put little value on other peoples efforts when it comes to your own Jblog ranking. Call me naive, but as a prospective convert I want to delude myself all Jews would support each other, not just most.

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