Here’s what John Kerry doesn’t understand, it doesn’t matter what he meant to say  when he linked the Jewish State to apartheid because his speech gave Israel’s enemies the right to use the term as a propaganda tool.

For example, today Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told Ma’an news

Rather than use the nine-month deadline to achieve a two-state solution, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used “every possible tool in order to consolidate its Apartheid regime,” 

Despite the fact that was offering a building freeze and a discussion on permanent borders, Erekat claimed:

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“Unfortunately, Israel never gave the negotiations a chance to succeed,”

“To build settlements in occupied land, kill Palestinians and demolish hundreds of Palestinian homes is certainly not the behavior of a government that wants to end occupation but of a government that wants to turn occupation into annexation.

Kerry’s “gaffe” gave the Anti-Israel J Street, the opportunity to imply that Israel does not support the two state solution, in a blog post which praised Kerry’s use of the term apartheid J Street claimed:

There is no such thing as a “one-state solution,” only a “one-state nightmare.” Neither Israelis nor Palestinians have given up on their national aspirations. They will both continue laying claim to the same piece of land, condemning them to unending conflict. Without a two-state solution, Israel will soon be forced either to cede its Jewish character to an Arab majority or to invite the world’s unprecedented condemnation and isolation as a profoundly undemocratic state.

As is its tradition since it received its first check from George Soros, J Street is ignoring the fact that every Israeli Prime Minister after Rabin recognized the need to create a Palestinian Arab State, however not one Palestinian leader recognized Israel as the Jewish State.

Sadly Kerry would never understand how he gave encouragement to Israel’s enemies, as the head diplomat in the country, not understanding is a fatal flaw.