Beyond the constitutional issues, the NY State anti-gun legislation pushed through by Governor Andrew Cuomo is
ripe with issues. Some some have even contended that no one in the bill writing
process knew the slightest thing about guns. For example it limited the
size of magazines to seven rounds.  But there are few (if
any) seven round magazines in the marketplace.  Police forces within the
state generally use a nine round magazine for their handguns. Those
police weapons were illegal for a while because originally police
weapons were not excluded from the magazine ban. And it goes on and on.

The is another issue with the bill, Firearms manufacturers see the bill as an indication they are not welcome in NY State. Kahr Firearms Group of Pearl River is the first gunmaker to announce
it’s leaving because of the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement
Act (Safe). The company announced yesterday that it is moving its corporate offices — and its plans for expansion — to Pennsylvania.

‘‘We’re looking for a more friendly environment for our business,’’ said Frank Harris, Kahr’s vice president for sales and marketing. ‘‘Maybe we could have stayed here and built a plant, but the way the bill was passed left us feeling there were a lot of uncertainties going forward.’’

‘‘Why take a chance when we can be in a state where they’re not looking to cause us any problems?’’ Harris added.

He said Kahr has purchased 620 acres in Pike County, Pa., and will move its 10-person corporate staff next year after building offices.

Kahr also expects to build a new factory there — with 80 to 100 jobs — within five years. It currently has plants in Worcester, Mass., and Pillager, Minn., Harris said.

Kahr had been close to finalizing a deal for land in Orange County, N.Y., with room for expansion, until the gun control law was enacted, he said

Referring to his company’s moving plans, Harris said, ‘‘The Safe Act has unintended consequences and this is one of them.’’

I am sure that Pennsylvania is a nice place, but NY State could use the jobs and the tax revenue (not to mention the fact that the bill will not deter criminals, it will just hurt law-abiding gun owners.