A Texas Democrat district attorney has been caught smuggling illegal aliens across the Mexican border. And she has proudly admitted to breaking the law.

Democrats really don’t care about laws. Their ends justify their means, after all.

But Bernice Annette Garza, former member of the Starr County District Attorney’s Office, even plastered a smirk across her face in her booking photo.

Per Express News:

In the car with Garza were Magaly Rosa and her husband, Juan Antonio Charles, both then 40 and part of the smuggling operation, according to court records.

The deputy also found four undocumented migrants in the car, records show. They were visibly trembling, were wearing new clothes and appeared to answer questions as though “rehearsed,” the complaint says.

Rosa told authorities that Garza had recruited her to smuggle migrants in her county vehicle. She said Garza provided fraudulent court papers that identified migrants as crime victims, the complaint says.

Rosa and her husband operated their home as a stash house for newly arrived migrants, according to the criminal complaint. They would buy them clothes and feed them, and then Garza would pick up the migrants and Rosa in her county vehicle for the trip to Houston, the complaint says.

Garza was fired from the DA’s office.

As well she should have been.

But, in fact, she should never have been hired in the first place.

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