You may have noticed that my volume of posts have been way down for the past two weeks. My wife’s brother has been very seriously ill and in the hospital’s intensive care unit.  Much of my time has been spent either visiting Todd, supporting my wife, and/or taking care of my kids. I am sure you understand. And if you remember please add Todd to your prayers.

That said there have been many stories this week that I wanted to write about, but simply couldn’t because of obligations of family or those of my “paid job.” As I tell my wife, I love my real job but for me it is like the actor working as a waiter at Howard Johnson’s….it pays the bills but given the opportunity I would much rather be covering the news full time.

I have been reading, listening to, and watching the news full time, even when I haven’t been writing about it and would like to share some “short form” thoughts about the happenings of the last few days:

  • The President’s Trashing of the Supreme Court– Talk about unprecedented.  Barack Obama may be the only Editor in the history of the Harvard Law review who never wrote an article for the journal and who has never herd of Marbury vs. Madison and the concept of judicial review.
  • Jay Carney– Yes he is a political hack, but you have to give the guy credit, its got to be a tough job lying for the President. He looked like a deer in the headlights on fox the other day trying to defend Obama’s budget and had the same look of consternation yesterday at his daily press briefing when he tried to explain Obama’s comments about the Supreme Court.
  • Is Obama Blaming Israel for the high gas prices? According to the World Tribune, Obama is claiming that the threatened attack on Iran’s nuclear program by Israel’s is the cause of the high gas prices and he is specifically blaming Israel for the increased costs.  As much as I believe Obama is no friend of Israel, don’t believe the report (yet). IMHO the World Tribune is not a reliable source for mid-east information as they have started other rumors about the middle east that have been proven bogus. Until this story is confirmed by more reputable sources, don’t believe it.
  • Special Note to Algebra, Please stop asking me to find your X, She is not coming back! 
  • Scientists have found that the last Ice Age ended because of  greenhouse (specifically CO2) gases causing global warming. This is being cheered by the global warming hoaxers. There are a few things they are not telling you such as the methodology is a bit on the bogus side, and even if it were true, doesn’t that mean that global warming is a natural based occurrence and has nothing to do with industrialization? Oh and have they checked outdoors? The Arctic Ice Cap has been GROWING. Darn that Mother Nature must not like former VP ManBearPig.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House!?!?! Yes that Muslim Brotherhood, the terrorist group that is about to turn Egypt into an Islamist state like Iran.  The group that created terrorist organizations such as HAMAS, met with lower lever national security people at the White House yesterday.  Please tell me again how Obama is tough on terrorists, I need a good laugh.
  •  Obama calls the Ryan budget radical-Call me crazy (as many do) but the budget Obama submitted got zero Democratic party votes in the house and the Democratic party-controlled Senate is afraid to even bring it to the floor. So who’s budget is radical Mr. President?
  • Dear Math, I am not a therapist…you will have to solve your own problems!
  •  Hey Rick Santorum its over time to stop attacking Romney and start telling the truth about Obama.
  • First the President was running against a do-nothing Congress, then he started running against an over-zealous court.  His reelection campaign has a new theme: 

OK I am pretty-much caught up now. Now we can move ahead and cover today’s news.  Please keep Todd in your prayers. I will be adding posts later today, so please check back.