More death and carnage—This morning Islamist terrorists ambushed two buses carrying off-duty Egyptian police.  The attack occurred in Rafah, an Egyptian town on the boarder of Sinai and the Gaza strip.  The police were part of the force trying to prevent the Sinai from becoming a terrorist hot bed.

There were two different reports about how the attack happened. Egyptian security sources quoted by the Associated Press news agency
say four armed men stopped the buses and forced the police to get out and lie on the ground
before shooting them execution style.  Other sources spoke of rocket-propelled grenades being fired at the buses. The initial reports were that 24 policemen were killed.

These reports point to two parts of the story of this horrific week not pointed out by the mainstream media.  Firstly is the fact that the blood and killing come from both sides, the military and the Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood forces.  And as some of the pictures from last week displayed, in some cases the Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood forces are firing down from rooftops to kill their own to incite horror from the international community and firing on the military to elicit a violent response (for the same reason).

The other thing to point out is the reason for the police presence. They were there to prevent the Sinai from becoming a terrorist hotbed (the Muslim Brotherhood was allowing the Sinai to become a launching pad for terrorist attacks into Israel).

If anyone believes the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of terrorist groups such as Hamas, would try and prevent Sinai from becoming a terrorist “homeland” perhaps they could buy that bridge in Brooklyn some people are selling.

Cutting off aid is not a way to remain neutral in this horrible conflict. Cutting off aid is a way to support the Muslim Brotherhood over the Military and drive that military look elsewhere for support.  That is not good for Egypt, it’s not good for stability in the region, and most importantly it is not good for the United States.

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