Today there was a horrible tragedy in Gaza a giant cesspool collapsed and flooded the village of Umm Naser at least ten dead many more injured or missing. Israel offered medical aid and construction materials

Defense Minister Amir Peretz instructed the Gaza Liason Administration to offer any assistance necessary to the Palestinians. Sources at the administration said that they had been in touch with their Palestinian counterparts and offered medical aid, as well as the raw materials needed to fix the wastewater wall that caved in. The Palestinians expressed their appreciation, but said that, for now, they were able to deal with the flooding on their own. Sources at the Gaza Liason Administration said their offer stood, and they would help if requested to do so. (JPost)

Instead of using the aid that was minutes away in Israel the Hamas authorities in Gaza called on the world to send humanitarian aid, saying this incident was their on Tsunami.

Abu Issam, a city council member, told Ynet that “this is a terrible disaster that caused the collapse of the systems in the entire village. We call on all institutions and organizations in the Palestinians Authority and outside the Palestinian Authority to provide us with urgent assistance. Hundreds of people will find themselves without a roof over their heads by the end of the day.” (Ynet)

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Actually Israel did provide SOME aid–SHE ACTED AS THE SCAPEGOAT proving once again that the Palestinian leaders care more about their own agenda than the health and safety of their own people.

Muhammad Dahlan, member of the Palestinian legislative Council, said that the Bedouin village should be declared a disaster area.”The causes of this incident are the Israeli occupation, the security situation and the disregard and the indifference of the responsible bodies.”(Ynet)

You know if the get their wish and drive us into the sea, who are they going to have left to blame?