For those of you having a post Annapolis celebration…the real world should have slapped you back into reality today…as those peace loving Palestinians once again show their real intentions.

6 security incidents reported in territories Friday Despite optimism regarding peace process following Annapolis conference, Palestinian attacks against soldiers, civilians have not decreased Efrat Weiss
While Israeli and world leaders are engaged in rigorous preparations for a renewal of the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians following the Annapolis conference, Palestinian gunmen across Gaza and the West Bank continue to launch attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians. On Friday alone, six separate security incidents were registered in the territories. Fortunately, no injuries or damage were reported in any of the incidents. In the central Gaza Strip area, Palestinian gunmen fired an antitank missile at an IDF patrol moving along the border fence. A short while earlier, two Palestinian youths attempted to place explosive devices at the Hawara checkpoint near Nablus. The bombs were uncovered by IDF soldiers and detonated by army sappers. In a separate incident, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an IDF force moving along the Gaza border fence. Almost at the same time, five mortar shells were fired from northern and central and landed near the border, two of them in Israeli territory. Palestinians also hurled a Molotov cocktail and threw stones at an Israeli vehicle moving southwest of Nablus. Earlier this morning, two Qassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza at Israel and landed near Kibbutz Zikim south of Ashkelon.