On the Last Day of Chanukah there was a terror attack near the site of the ancient home town of the Maccabees, Modiin. Early Monday morning, in the town of Kiryat Sefer, two Arab handymen stabbed four people before one of them was shot. Full report below:

In what appears to be revenge attack against IDF operation in Gaza, two Arab handymen stab Israeli family in community of Kiryat Sefer; one of them shot, other continues running wild. At least four people hurt, one sustains serious wounds

At least four people were injured Monday morning in a stabbing attack in the community of Kiryat Sefer, near the central city of Modiin.

Two Arab handymen armed with a sharp tool began running wild and stabbing the members of an Israeli family which hired their services. The incident took place on the sixth floor of an apartment building.

The head of the family was seriously injured and three other people were lightly hurt. One of the stabbers was shot and injured as well. The Israel Defense Forces began searching the area in an attempt to locate his partner.

A neighbor told Ynet, “I sat in my apartment in the morning, when I suddenly heard shouting. Someone ran down the stairs and shouted in Arabic. I looked out of the window and saw someone escaping from the building.
“Downstairs he grasped a parent waiting for a ride with his children and began beating him, punching and kicking. He ran to the path near the building and stabbed a passerby in the neck and another one in the throat.

Large Magen David Adom, army and police forces were dispatched to the area. A spontaneous demonstration was held in the area against the government and the mayor, citing lack of security.

Defense establishment officials estimated that as the IDF operation in Gaza progresses, Palestinians in the West Bank – as well as radical Israeli Arabs – would attempt to carry out revenge attacks.

On Saturday, a Border Guard officer was deliberately run over in an east Jerusalem neighborhood, in an incident which was believed to have been nationalistically motivated.

Mass demonstrations have been held in many Arab communities across the country in the past two days, in protest of the IDF operation. Protestors in the town of Umm al-Fahm chanted, “With spirit and blood we will redeem Gaza.” In mosques, residents were urged to block the Wadi Ara route in northern Israel.