People have been getting on me, telling me that my coverage of the presidential race has been one-sided, telling me that I should find something nice to say about Senator Obama. My first thought was HELL NO ! Fox News Claims to be fair and balanced but this ain’t Fox News. This is my little space of the world. But then I began to think about all of those Jewish Liberals, the ones that read Yidwithlid for the Israel coverage. They might want to read something nice about their guy. So for you folks, I thought long and hard, ignored all of his anti-Israel advisers, his promises to the Palestinian Community, his promise of higher taxes, and his desire to capitulate to terrorists and I came up with ten reasons why Jews SHOULD VOTE for Barack Obama. Here they are in no particular order:


  1. A Big Group of Jews feel that he is the Messiah (oops sorry thats from the ten reasons why CHRISTIANS should vote for Senator Obama list)
  1. Jesse Jackson makes him feel…a bit ..well frankly a bit uncomfortable
  2. His wife wears the pants in his family, that makes him almost Jewish in itself
  3. The Media LOVES Him…the JEWS control the Media
  4. The Senator STILL Calls his Grandma EVERY day (she’s still alive, kicking and under the bus where Obama threw her during his speech on race)
  5. He Wants to Make Change…the Jews own the Banks
  6. His relatives on his father’s side wont eat Pork either
  7. He once said Jerusalem should never be divided (OK So it was for five minutes but he DID say it)
  8. He hasn’t been to Iraq in over 914 days…a war zone is no place for a Jewish Boy
  9. Pat Buchanan Hates Black People almost as much as he hates Jews
  10. Obama went to Harvard Law School. What Jewish Mother doesn’t want her children going to Harvard Law

There you go the ONLY Ten Reasons why any Jew should even CONSIDER voting for Senator Obama …tomorrow we go back to telling the truth.