As each month passes, there seems to be yet another Democrat arrested for some sexual crime, fired for some scandal, or mired in some sort of degeneracy. But remember in 2019 when the media told us that the Democrats were a more serious party and if they took power, “the adults would be in charge”?

Well, the debauchery of these “adults” grows by the day.

In no particular order…

1). Senate Staffer Sex Video in Hearing Room

This week, Americans were assaulted by yet another degenerate, immoral, and corrupted Democrat when a Democrat Senate staffer for Maryland Democrat Sen. Ben Cardin was outed for filming himself having sickening gay sex in a Senate hearing room.

The cretin’s name is Aidan Maese-Czeropski, and Sen. Cardin fired him after the story broke. It remains to be seen, but this sicko could face criminal charges.

2). Cross-Dressing Biden Energy Official Caught Stealing People’s Luggage

You may also recall the buffoonish Sam Brinton, the transgender/cross-dressing/leather play wackjob who Biden installed as a member of his Department of Energy and who was caught stealing people’s luggage at airports. He was eventually forced to resign from Biden’s regime.

3). Virginia Democrat Who’s Secret Porn Videos Lost Her an Election

Democrat Susanna Gibson, who ran for a Virginia House of Delegates seat, lost her election after her secret porn videos on her public OnlyFans page leaked out. She blamed unknown villains for “leaking” her “private” videos… that were… uh… 100 percent public on her OnlyFans page, the OnlyFans page that she did not disclose when she filed and then ran for the election.

4). Maryland Dem. Mayor Arrested for Child Porn

Next up, we have the case of one of the media’s “adults” in the story of College Park, Maryland, Mayor Patrick Wojahn, who was featured in photos with, and said to be a good friend of, Biden’s gay Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and who was also arrested and convicted on child porn charges. Nice guy, there.

5). Army Officer Poses in ‘Dog Mask’

Let’s not forget U.S. Army Captain Dayton Tenney, who thinks it is perfectly normal to engage in sex play in a leather dog mask.

6). New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, of course, was forced to resign after an avalanche of women filed sexual harassment lawsuits against him, driving him into early retirement and scuttling his dreams of becoming president.

7). Transgender Nutjob Rose Montoya Goes Topless at White House

In 2023, the vulgar transgender “influencer” Rose Montoya flashed his fake breasts at a White House event for children right there on the White House’s South Lawn.

8). Cocaine Found in White House

There was the scandal of a baggie of cocaine found inside the White House that was likely left there by a member of Biden’s family. Still, we’ll never know because the corrupt Secret Service squashed the investigation and swept it all under the rug without bothering to find out who the culprit is… or at least has refused to say who it is publicly.

9) California Democrat Donor Ed Buck and his Dead Male Prostitutes

In 2021, super-rich Democrat donor Ed Buck was convicted in the deaths of two male prostitutes after he was found to have injected them with dangerous drugs in exchange for sex, causing their overdose deaths.

10). Democrat Rep. Resigns over Sex Degeneracy in Office

In 2019, Rep. Katie Hill of California was forced to resign after it was revealed that she had been engaging in a “throuple” sexual relationship with her husband and a female staffer.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the dishonorable mentions of Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, who was fired for abusing his position as an MSNBC anchor to spin the “news” to help his sex-abuser brother (Andrew above Cuomo). Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell who had a sexual fling with a Chinese hooker and foreign spy. Biden’s Assistant Secretary for Health, Richard Levine, is a man dressed as a woman. New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, another Democrat sex abuser, had to resign the office. Andrew Gillum, the Democrat Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, had to exit politics after being linked to drug abuse and the overdose death of a man. New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez is still in trouble for massive corruption. Michigan Democrat John Conyers resigned when decades of sexual harassment finally caught up with him. Oh, and Minnesota Democrat Sen. Al Franken was caught in photos of sexually molesting a female reporter and ended up resigning in disgrace.

And let’s not even mention serial womanizer Bill Clinton and his underage underling Monica Lewinski, prostitute-user Elliot Spitzer, and murderer Edward Kennedy!

Oh… then there are Democrat moneymen Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein… well, we can go on forever, really.

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