“G-d forbid we give up the Western Wall; we have not received power of attorney from the Nation of Israel!” Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

The United States government just doesn’t understand the importance of the Temple Mount to the Jewish people . Condi Rice sat down with a group of Rabbis and Muslim leaders during her last trip to Israel :

Muslim leaders aired their claim that “the Jews want to destroy the Al-Aksa Mosques” and their oft-heard denial that there was ever a Jewish temple at the site. The chief Mufti has already declared that Jews should not be allowed to pray at the site……

Rabbi She’ar-Yashuv Cohen responded to those present: “It is forbidden to deny that the Jews had our Holy Temple at that site. It is forbidden to forget that King David purchased the Temple Mount, King Solomon built the Holy Temple and Ezra the Scribe rebuilt it as well [after it was destroyed –ed.]. All who come afterward must recognize the rights of those who came first. Although I do not propose the demolition of the mosques, the Muslims must remember that they are there due to us.”

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Rabbi Cohen also recalled the historical fact that the Muslim Caliph Omar Suleiman built a synagogue on the Temple Mount where Jews prayed…

… Rabbi Cohen told Rice and the other religious leaders that he is completely opposed to any withdrawal from the Temple Mount and site of the Holy Temple.

Apparently Condi doesn’t understand why Judaism will not relinquish its holiest site

Rice responded: “Honorable rabbi, I understand you well. I am the daughter of a priest and the granddaughter of a priest, I learned the Bible and know what is written there.”

Rice said, at the conclusion of the meeting, that she understood that religious matters were at the root of the disagreements ahead of the conference. “If this matter is not solved, then nothing will be solved,” she said. Those at the meeting reported her demeanor as tense.

Since Rice didn’t get the Rabbi’s “hecksher” for giving up the Temple Mount the Ravs were given invitations to the White House for three days of meetings. The meetings, which will be attended by members of the Islamic Wakf and Christian leaders also, will reportedly deal with a proposal similar to that floated by Vice Premier Chaim Ramon (Kadima).

According to the proposal, the Jerusalem “Holy Basin” – meaning the Old City and surrounding areas – would be administered by a joint committee and not remain under Israeli sovereignty. According to Ramon’s plan, the Western Wall and Temple Mount would remain under Israeli control, but the Americans are reportedly pushing to see the Temple Mount relinquished as well.

Sources connected to the Chief Rabbinate say there is great significance to the inclusion of Rabbi She’ar-Yashuv Cohen, who has declared publicly that he will fight such a plan and not just take part in the inter-religious arrangements being planned for the Holy City. Rabbi Cohen’s position that the Temple Mount must be opened to Jewish prayer is well known, as well as his call for the establishment of a synagogue on the Mount.

To find out more about the Rabbi’s trip, read the full Arutz Sheva report here: Exclusive: Rabbis Invited For Pre-Annapolis Temple Mount Talks