Israel is a sacred gift from G-d to the Jewish people, but there are at least two places in the the holy land that were not a gift, but were actual purchases made by Jews from their original Canaanite owners. The first is the cave in Hebron , that Avraham purchased the bury his beloved wife, the second is the Threshing Floor of Araunah on top of Mount Moriah which was purchased by David, and became site of two Jewish Temples. I am no Rabbi, nor do I play one on TV, but I do believe that there is significance that the future site of the Temples was purchased not conquered.I think that G-d is trying to tell us that we OWN it, we paid for it by the King of the Jewish Nation David, who’s status as a holy figure is recognized by Christianity, Moslems (they call him Dawood), as well as Jews. The Temple is not a disputed site….King David bought it and three religions Say it !!!!! (of course your friendly neighborhood Imam might try to cover that up) Maybe the Reuters reporters could read up a bit before they call the mount disputed.

Maybe they would find out that the Qur’an a refers the the existence of the first and second Temple’s Here is just one Example from the Jewish Virtual Library

Muslim tradition is especially adamant about the existence of the First Temple, built by Solomon, who appears in the Qur’an as a prophet and a paragon of wisdom. Verse 34:13 is an account of how Solomon summoned jinn (spirits) to build the Temple: They worked for him As he desired, (making) Arches,
Images, Basons
As large as wells,
And (cooking) Cauldrons fixed
(In their places) Early Muslims regarded the building and destruction of the Temple of Solomon as a major historical and religious event, and accounts of the Temple are offered by many of the early Muslim historians and geographers (including Ibn Qutayba, Ibn al-Faqih, Mas’udi, Muhallabi, and Biruni). Fantastic tales of Solomon’s construction of the Temple also appear in the Qisas al-anbiya’, the medieval compendia of Muslim legends about the pre-Islamic prophets. As the historian Rashid Khalidi wrote in 1998 (albeit in a footnote), while there is no “scientific evidence” that Solomon’s Temple existed, “all believers in any of the Abrahamic faiths perforce must accept that it did.”(1) This is so for Muslims, no less than for Christians and Jews.

Thank G-d there was no dispute in the Israeli Cabinet today. Not only did they Vote to continue the work near the Temple Mount, but the also pointed out that most of the protesters had NO IDEA WHERE THE DIG WAS HAPPENING—- OUTSIDE THE TEMPLE MOUNT COMPOUND.

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Government votes in favor of completing renovation near Temple Mount despite Muslim protest. ‘Handful of Arabs who are rioting in protest of the construction are trying to drag us into a new confrontation,’ internal security minister says

Ynet News Efrat Weiss

The government on Sunday decided to go ahead with renovation works on a gate leading to the Temple Mount despite protests by Muslims who say the works threaten the al-Aqsa Mosque. Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Education Minister Yuli Tamir and minister-without-portfolio Raleb Majadele abstained in a vote on the issue. Renovation works at the Mugrabi Gate in in Jerusalem’s Old City touched off protests by Muslims in Israel who claim the works are damaging to the foundations of the al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site.

Muslim rioters and police clashed on Friday after angry Muslims hurled stones at policemen securing Friday prayers. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that remarks made by Arab community leaders during a protest against the works in Nazareth on Friday amount to incitement for violence, adding the remarks are regrettable. Police Chief Moshe Karadi decided to probe whether remarks made by the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah, during the demonstration bore criminal connotations.

Meanwhile, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter ruled out the possibility that the works would spark a third Palestinian uprising “The handful of Arabs who are rioting in protest of the construction at the Mugrabi Gate in Jerusalem due to false information are trying to drag us into a new confrontation, but there will not be a third initifada,” Dichter said Sunday on a visit to the Mugrabi Gate, where a bridge is being renovated. Dichter blamed the Arab Israeli leadership, which called on the international community to intervene in order to stop the controversial dig, for fueling the conflict.

Dichter (R) with Jerusalem Police chief Franko “No damage is being caused to the Temple Mount, but some Arab Israeli leaders, including Knesset members, do not know that the Mugrabi Gate is located outside the complex,” he said after touring the Old City with Jerusalem Police Chief Ilan Franco.

The construction works at the site resumed Monday morning after a stormy weekend in which several disturbances were reported in east Jerusalem.

“The Mugrabi Gate was destroyed in a flood and was rebuilt haphazardly – it cannot remain in this condition,” Dichter said. The Temple Mount complex has been closed off to Jews and tourists since last Tuesday; only Arabs worshipers over the age of 45 who carry Israeli identity cards are allowed entry.

Olmert: Mashaal and Salah can’t tell us what to do Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 11, 2007

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday during a discussion on the future of the controversial Mughrabi Gate excavation that “Khaled Mashaal and Raed Salah won’t tell us what to do 20 meters from the Western Wall,” Army Radio reported. At the meeting, during which all but three government ministers approved a resolution to continue the construction near the Temple Mount, Olmert added that Salah was operating based on a vision that Israel would cease to be Jewish and democratic. The three ministers who abstained from the decision were Education Minister Yuli Tamir, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, and minister-without-portfolio Ghaleb Majadle. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni emphasized at the meeting that there was no reason to halt the construction because of provocateurs from inside and outside who were seeking to fan the flames of the controversy. Mashaal, Hamas’s political leader in Damascus, and Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern arm, have joined numerous Islamic groups in calling for violence and jihad over the archaeological dig, claiming it will damage the Al Aksa Mosque atop the Temple Mount. Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi on Sunday ordered a criminal investigation against Salah for alleged incitement and sedition, Israel Radio reported. According to the report, Salah, who was banned from Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday after scuffling with police over the excavations, repeatedly called on Islamic Movement members to come to Jerusalem and guard the Al Aksa Mosque bodily. During a rally on Friday in Nazareth, Salah warned the Israeli government of fierce retaliation if the Temple Mount mosque were harmed during the archaeological dig. “You are playing with fire, and whoever plays with fire will ultimately get burned,” he said.