Timed for the noon rush earlier today an explosion ripped through a bus in Tel Aviv (5 AM EST). Twenty-two innocent civilians were injured and sent for  medical treatment at Ichilov Hospital  Police are looking for the suspect who according to the description, is a short, plump man with tanned skin and was wearing a green and yellow sweater.

According to Israel’s Channel 2, The explosion on the Dan bus took place on the corner of two major Tel Aviv thoroughfares, Shaul Hamelech and Weitzmann, in an area with many office buildings and heavy pedestrian traffic. The Kirya compound, headquarters of the Israeli military, is nearby.

According to reports, the chunky man in the green and yellow sweater was seen placing a bag on the bus and then running away, leading to a police chase through the streets of Tel Aviv. There were also unconfirmed reports of a second suspect. Police arrested at least one person in connection with the bombing, in the stock market compound in nearby Ramat Gan.

From Israel Channel 2 Today’s Bus Bombing Suspect is Arrested

Ichilov Hospital reports that most of the injuries were hurt from shrapnel. It is estimated that some passengers noticed the bomb about to go off and managed to escape.

“All the glass of the bus were shattered,” said an eyewitness. Another who only heard the explosion said “It’s a big, huge mess,” an eyewitness told Channel 10. “There was a very big boom and a lot of ambulances. It wasn’t clear what happened.”

The bus driver was not injured in the attack, said he had noticed a suspicious passenger. “There was an explosion and then all smoke”, recalled.

“The event is not easy,” said Police Chief Commander Yohanan Danino scene. “The working assumption is that it was a terrorist attack and all signs point to that. One of the things we prepared them from the beginning of the operation, beyond the threat of rockets in the south, is theses kind of attacks.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said “until we receive other instructions children will not leave at the of school. No other instructions.”

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said that the police was an attempt to hit Israeli targets throughout the country by the escalation in the south. “The police are on high alert level since the beginning of the operation. Since the first day I wanted to raise the alert level of all rescue forces; beyond missiles South – I warned against such a scenario. Asked for it to be alert to the possibility of a terrorist attack and I hope it will be the last attack.”

 So far there has not been a claim of responsibility for the bus bombing however in the Gaza Strip there was the traditional dancing in the street and handing out of candy.

Thus the difference between the two sides, Israel targets rockets and terrorists but mourns when civilians are hurt.  Hamas targets civilians and parties when the civilians are hurt.  That difference is never explained by the mainstream media.