Uh-oh!  Is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo an anti-Semite?

Andrew Cuomo Governor of the People’s Republic of New York better watch out because his staff is criticizing Mayor Mommy Bloomberg and according to Al Sharpton, critics of Mommy Bloomberg‘s anti-gun efforts only do so because he is a big city Jew.

Beyond the constitutional issues, the NY State anti-gun legislation is ripe with issues. Some even contend that no one in the bill writing process knew the slightest thing about guns. For example it limits the size of magazines to seven rounds.  The problem is there are few (if any) seven round magazines in the marketplace.  Police forces within the state generally use a nine round magazine for their handguns. Those police weapons were illegal for a while because originally police weapons were not excluded from the magazine ban.

And it goes on and on.

According to today’s NY Post, the Cuomo administration is placing the blame for the mistakes in the law on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

A Cuomo administration source is flatly denying the governor’s claim that his new anti-gun SAFE Act was carefully drafted, saying the governor himself wasn’t even aware of some provisions when it was hastily enacted into law.

“The governor thought the limit on the size of [gun] magazines would only apply to assault-style rifles, not to handguns,’’ said the source.

“That’s why there’s the big problem now with handguns, among other things in the statute.’’

The legal sale of virtually all semiautomatic handguns will soon be impossible because Cuomo’s law limits the size of bullet-holding magazines to seven shots, virtually none of which are manufactured for sale.

“Much of what’s in the law was drafted by people connected to Mayor Bloomberg and the Brady Center, not by the governor’s staff,” the source said. “That’s why there are so many problems with it.’’

I am sure the criticism has nothing at all to do with the fact that since signing the NY SAFE Act into law, Cuomo’s approval rating has dropped from 74% in December, 2012 to 55% as of March 19, 2013.

It is sure interesting the way progressives turn on each other when the laws they pass are loaded with mistakes.

Personally I blame all the mistakes on the sequester.