A black teacher from Texas who has repeatedly said she is proud to be a black racist and insisted that she couldn’t be fired because she’s black appears to have been mistaken… at least regarding how safe her job was.

Claire Kyle, aka Danielle Allen, was a third-grade teacher working for the Mesquite Independent School District near Dallas, specifically at Thompson Elementary. She became a national news item after posting several social media messages saying she was a proud anti-white racist.

One of her posts featured her complaints that her sister was dating a white man, and she ruminated about hiring her black boyfriend to kill the white guy.

So much for Can’t we all get along? If a white guy said that, he would be tossed into the poky and gave his lips shut with Gorilla Glue.

“I enjoy being a racist,” she reportedly wrote in one of her posts. “I’m never changing.”

In other posts, she used disparaging names for white people and labeled herself a “black supremacist.”

She also taunted other social media users, saying that she was sure they could not figure out where she worked as a teacher.

However, Internet sleuths did finally discover where she worked, and someone or several people alerted the school district about her posts.

It was also discovered that a white student had once complained that she had mistreated him simply because he was white.

Ultimately, Allen returned to her social media and admitted that her bosses discovered her terrible, hateful posts, but she insisted that her boss would not fire her over them.


“Yes. Y’all have found my job. They told me to delete the post, but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on ALL white people,” the teacher stated Monday. “They laughed and told me to watch what I say, and I’ll be good to go!” she wrote.

She then deleted her accounts.

But it turns out that Allen was mistaken about being safe from firing.

As they say in Brooklyn, “Wrong again, Spanky—You Lose.”

Along with being a loss for Danielle Allen, it is a loss for the woke culture, which will probably celebrate Ms. Allen’s racist statements and call her firing “white supremacy.”

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