A Tale of Two Walls

Yesterday the US Senate passed a bill authorizing the building of a wall on the boarder of the US and Mexico. The wall is designed to keep unauthorized immigrants from entering the country to look for work.

Waking earlier than usual, to search the Internet looking for world reaction to the Senate vote. I was sure that France would call it an apartheid fence, after all that’s what they called the Israeli fence sealing off the West Bank. France was silent. I used Goggle news to look for Arab calls for referring the issue of the new US fence to the Hague World Court. There was none. Colin Powel the former Secretary of State did not say he had serious issues with the fence, as he did with the Israeli fence.

The fence in Israel is designed to keep terrorists from killing Jews it received worldwide condemnation, the fence in the Southwest United States is designed to keep people from getting jobs, the world is silent.

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France tried to stop the war against terrorism not because it was wrong but because of the fear of losing valuable trade partners in places like Iraq and Iran. The world rallied against the Israeli fence even though it would save the lives of innocent Israeli civilians, women and children.

They fight the fence that saves Jewish lives; they don’t fight the wall denying Mexicans from finding work. This proves that the Israeli fence didn’t offend European and Arab morality, it was their pocket books.

It’s the same old world economic order. Petro-dollars are valuable, Jewish blood is cheap.