Syria is upset that it hasn’t gotten much attention lately so its having a little snit fit.

[Jana]Hybaskova, chairwoman of the Delegation for Relations with Israel and a member of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) who also sits on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Budgets, recently met with Syrian President Bashar Assad. She spent this week leading a delegation of European Parliament members in Israel. “[Syria] has the vision that there is no peace without Syria,” Hybaskova said. The Syrians have an “overexaggerated sense” of their own importance, she said, adding, “They want to put themselves in the center… and that is the key,” so if they cannot be part of masterminding the peace, “they want to destroy it.” “That is a very dangerous message,” she said.

Don’t worry Jana..Syria is the least of your problems..there will be no peace along as you have Abbas and the Terrorist Fatah on the other side. for the full article click here EU politician: No peace without Syria