Time for President Obama to draw another red line. According to sources within the IDF, Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons at least 30+ since the regime joined the Chemical Weapons Convention last year and agreed to the destruction of its entire arsenal.

Apparently while Assad is destroying the old chemical weapons, he is now using “non traditional” chemical weapons such as chlorine gas.

“From the day that he signed the deal, [Assad] has used chemical weapons over thirty times, and in every case citizens were killed,” the officer said, adding that the weapons were “tactically deployed” with mortars and short-range rockets.

According to the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Assad’s regime was now focused on developing “non-classic” unconventional weapons based on weaker gas such as chlorine.

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“We cannot say which type of chemical weapons, but factually, we can say he has used what we call ‘non-classic’ substances, which, in the end, have killed citizens,” he said.

In the end the Despot will still retain a bit of the “good stuff.”

Our assessment is that [Assad] will attempt to retain a small stockpile, but he is constrained by the convention,” the officer said.

That is why he is developing chemicals that, as I said before, are ‘non-classic’ — chlorine, for example, which can be found all over Israel or in any other country.

At the end of April, there were French reports of Syrian soldiers using chemical weapons.

Last week, the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Ahmet Uzumcu, announced the creation of a mission to “establish facts surrounding allegations of use of chlorine in Syria.”

He told a meeting of the body’s executive council at headquarters in The Hague that the mission would soon leave for Syria.

“The Syrian government, which has agreed to accept this mission, has undertaken to provide security in areas under its control,” the statement said.

If these stories turn out to be true it’s another embarrassment to the Obama administration, which was about to attack
Syria until it was out-maneuvered by the Russians. Obama’s mistake wasn’t failing to attack Syria, but setting the Syrian red line in the first place and getting played for a fool by